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If You’re Rushing, Here Are 8 Rush Week Tips From Former Sorority Sisters To Follow

Because bad shoes can really ruin your week.

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If you’ve been scrolling through the #BamaRush side of TikTok, you know that sorority rush week is back. Rush week is when sororities find new members, and it’s so much more than just OOTDs and making TikTok videos in your dorm. Recruitment is a time to meet your potential sisters and get to know your future fellow pledges. For anyone rushing for the first time this year, aside from outfits ideas, you may need some rush week tips from former sorority sisters.

Getting the lowdown on what to expect and prepare for from people who have been in your shoes before always helps to ease some tension. As much as you can Google and observe from your FYP, it’s always better to get a firsthand account of what to expect during rush week from someone who’s already done it. In fact, you may learn a thing or two about rush week that you can’t get from your phone. From tips on how to choose which houses to prioritize to how to deal with whatever happens on bid day, these eight rush week tips from former sorority sisters will come in handy as you approach your first rush week.


Don’t Worry If You Don’t Get Your First Choice

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Anna Petrelli, who “became fast best friends” with her BFF thanks to sorority rush week, didn’t actually get into her first choice house. Petrelli admitted that she actually called her mom on bid day after not getting into the sorority house she wanted. Luckily, it all worked out. She shares, “All my college friends that I’m still close to all were in my sorority, and if I pulled out, my life would be completely different.” Her big tip for rush week is to not “get discouraged during the process.” If you didn’t get your first choice, it’s OK.


Make Sure You Feel Confident In Your OOTD

If you’ve watched a million #BamaRush OOTDs on TikTok, you know how much fun it can be putting together different outfits for the week. Erin Weiss tells Elite Daily that “rush shopping is fun,” but you want to make sure you “feel confident in your rush clothes.” If you’re wearing something you don’t feel good in, it doesn’t matter how trendy it may be. How you feel in your ‘fit is what matters the most and will bring out the best version of yourself as you’re meeting your potential new sisters.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

While rush week is fun and exciting, it is a long week for many, so make sure you’re wearing comfy shoes. You don’t want to overdo it on day one and get blisters that bother you the rest of the time. Plus, there are so many cute and comfortable heels out there. Weiss recommends picking an option that won’t hurt your feet since “you’ll be standing and walking for long periods of time.”


Remember Everyone Is Just As Nervous As You Are

Meeting a bunch of new people is always intimidating. Rush week is your first introduction into Greek life, and that can be overwhelming as well. While it’s all new to you, Weiss says you should remember “that the girls you’re meeting are just as nervous to meet new people as you are.” Keep this in mind whenever you’re feeling awkward, and hopefully soon, you can all joke about how nervous you were when you first met.


Go Into Each Sorority With An Open Mind

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While you may have a sorority you’ve set your sights on, be sure to open up your heart to other options. Weiss shares, “I saw so many girls get completely heartbroken when they didn’t get into the sorority they wanted, only to end up becoming core members of the one they did get into and making friends (and sisters) for life.” If you believe that everything happens for a reason, you’ll know that while you didn’t get your first choice, you ended up in the sorority you were meant to be in.


See If Your Campus Is Accepting COBs

Let’s face it, rush week can be too much for some people. The events and socializing may be a lot if you already have your heart set on one particular house. If rushing is *really* not your thing and you know you want to be in a certain one, Weiss recommends seeingif they are accepting COBs. COB stands for Continuous Open Bidding, and it’s an informal way of joining a sorority that doesn’t require going to all rush events.


Have A Well-Packed Rush Bag

Of course, TikTok does have some great rush week advice from former sisters and a trending topic on the FYP is what to pack in your rush week bag. Since it’s still summer and hot outside, having things like a water bottle and a fan can definitely help with the heat. One of the biggest rush bag essentials, according to TikToker @abbyyhulbert, is a notebook so you can take notes on which sororities you like.


Have Fun

Sure, it’s easy to say “have fun,” but this simple advice is important to remember. As Weiss puts it, “[Rush week is] an incredibly stressful process, but remember at the end of it, you’re going to find your forever friends.” Try to just live in the moment. You only get to experience rush week like this once, so go ahead and film some TikToks with your new friends, snap tons of selfies, and jot down your fave memories in a journal. That way you are only focusing on the positives.

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