A couple has a prom proposal inspired by prom proposal ideas from TikTok.
These TikTok-Approved Prom Proposal Ideas Will Make Your Ask So Unforgettable

Plan a promposal that’s worthy of the movies.

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Prom season is right around the corner, which means your dream prom proposal is probably on your mind. These days, getting asked to go to prom has become just as exciting as the dance itself — and it’s so fun to capture the more unique ones on Instagram or TikTok so you can remember them forever. Before you get to the dress shopping and after party coordination with your BFFs, you’ll want to start thinking of unique prom proposal ideas that are sure to score a date.

Whether you’re the one asking or dropping hints to your partner, prom proposal ideas from TikTok can help make your special moment unique and one you’ll remember forever. Putting in the effort to ask your date to prom in a special way takes some pre-planning, maybe a rehearsal or two, and perhaps some DIY skills. You also want to make your promposal one-of-a-kind and specific to your interests. So, while these eight prom proposal ideas are great to copy, feel free to also put your own personal spin on them.

For instance, you could propose to your partner with their favorite song or their favorite flowers. You can always switch up what you write on your prom proposal sign depending on the inside jokes you share together. As long as you’re making the effort and thinking of your partner first and foremost, any of these prom proposal ideas from TikTok are sure to get you a “yes.”


Make A Punny Prom Proposal Sign


Use your DIY skills to not just make a prom proposal sign, but a punny prom proposal sign. TikToker @n.a.m.e.sssss shares some super cute ideas like a “I’d be berry happy if you’d be my date” sign with some chocolate covered strawberries. Actually, having a cute snack to go along with your sign will get you bonus points.


Recreate A Scene From Their Favorite Movie

The production of this prom proposal recreating a scene from Enchanted makes this one of the best promposals ever. Just think of the rehearsals and pre-planning that had to go into putting this all together. While you may not have the means to recreate a full-on dance number with a whole cast like TikToker @ka_danceeeee, you can take some inspiration for your own proposal.

It can be as simple as setting up a nice scene or making little references to your partner’s favorite film. For instance, if they love Lady and the Tramp, plan a spaghetti and meatball dinner for when you ask them to prom. If they love Twilight, set up a picnic in the backyard that is reminiscent of Edward and Bella laying in the flower field.


Enlist The Help Of Your Friends

While prom proposals can be intimate between just you and your partner, you can also make a grand gesture by getting your friend crew to help you out. One idea is to have your partner meet you at a place where your friends are waiting and holding up signs that spell out “will you go to prom with me,” like TikToker @jjackstr.


Make A Prom Proposal Candy Bar

If you’ve got some skills in the kitchen, making your partner something delicious to ask them to prom is a cute idea. This prom proposal candy bar idea is especially sweet from TikToker @sugarpusher. You could also make brownies, some cupcakes, or even tell them you want to pack their lunch for school and include all their favorite foods with a note asking them to prom.


Plan A Blooming Good Promposal With Their Favorite Flowers


Take a cue from the Bachelor and use roses to ask your partner to prom. If you happen to know their favorite flower, it’ll be even more special to use those blooms. For the actual proposal, set up some friends in a line to hand out flowers one-by-one as your partner walks towards you like TikToker @perla_realtor demonstrates.


Ask With A Song

If you’re someone who loves music, you can always ask your partner to prom with a song. It can be as fun as changing the lyrics to a song you know, like TikToker @camryn.0510 who changed “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” from Frozen to “Do You Want To Go To Prom.” Or, if you don’t want to put on a performance, you can also put together a Spotify playlist of your favorite prom-related songs to give to your crush.


Spell It Out With Food

Another cute idea that uses food is this idea from TikToker @valerie.julissa. Placing chocolate covered strawberries in letters that spell out “prom” is super simple and cute. You could also put together a prom proposal charcuterie board for a romantic picnic in the backyard to ask your partner.


Disney-Inspired Prom Proposals

This video from TikToker @zodiac_signs9801 has some Disney prom proposal ideas based on different zodiac signs, but you can use any of them regardless of your sun sign. One cute idea is the Cinderella-inspired promposal with a shoe, but there’s also an enchanted rose promposal like in Beauty and the Beast for Disney fans.

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