The top bioluminescent beaches are lit up by plankton and algae.

The Most ‘Gram-Worthy Bioluminescent Destinations Around The World, Ranked

Your travel bucket list is ready for a glow-up.

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Bioluminescent destinations have been a big travel trend for 2022, and you might be wondering how to see bioluminescence to get in on the phenomenon. When you’re looking for a breathtaking and unforgettable getaway, the best places to see bioluminescence around the world truly deliver with their glowing beaches and dazzling waters.

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While snaps and pics of different bioluminescent beaches can pique your interest, there’s nothing like seeing bioluminescence IRL. So, you may want to add one of the most popular bioluminescent destinations to your bucket list, ranked by the number of Instagram hashtags by travel company Next Vacay.

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