When You Wish Upon A Star

Make A Big Entrance In Disney's New Swarovski Crystal Carriage

It’s giving IRL Cinderella vibes.

Your wedding day is meant to feel like a fairy tale as you say “I do” to your partner and start your happily ever after together. For anyone who chooses to celebrate their big day with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, that feeling of being in a Disney movie just got a little bit more realistic. The company just announced some of their biggest additions for 2022, and these photos of Disney’s new Swarovski crystal-adorned fairy tale carriage look like something straight out of Cinderella.

The all-new one-of-a-kind fairy tale carriage is available at Disneyland Paris for private events as well as couples planning their weddings through Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings — and it features a total of 13,000 Swarovski crystal beads throughout. That’s in addition to the over 2,000 gold leaves and heart-shaped windows that make this glamorous carriage a real dream come true. Just image making your royal entrance at your Disneyland Paris ceremony by stepping out of a sparkling carriage drawn by white horses. You’ll definitely feel like Cinderella the moment she entered the ball and all eyes were on her.

While fairy tale carriages have been a staple of Disney weddings in the U.S., this is the first ever Disney Fairy Tale Carriage for Disneyland Paris. With all of its crystals, it’s also the shiniest Disney carriage yet and very fitting of a European destination wedding — or an over-the-top photoshoot, if that’s what you’re feeling. The Disney Fairy Tale Carriage is also available for non-wedding events like private engagements and photoshoots, so you could also book it for the bougiest Insta pics your feed will ever see.

However, if you are seriously thinking about having your wedding ceremony at Disneyland Paris, you can expect a seriously glam experience as you’ll also have your pick of magical backdrops where you can say “I do” in addition to the blinged-out Cinderella carriage.

Courtesy of Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings

When booking through Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, you have your choice of celebrating your big day with their Romance Collection or Once Upon a Time Collection. The Romance Collection allows you to have your ceremony in the parks at iconic spots like in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle or the Thunder Mesa Riverboat. On the flip side, the Once Upon a Time Collection is more for a reception at one of the Disneyland Paris resort hotels, like Disney’s Newport Bay Club or Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.

Courtesy of Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings

Once you’ve chosen where you’d like your wedding to be, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings can work with you on every detail of the ceremony from the iconic Disney food to even having Disney characters come to make your event more magical. Plus, let’s not forget you also have the Disney Fairy Tale Carriage to really tie everything together.

Even if you’re not planning to get married anytime soon, just looking at these ‘Gram-worthy photos of Disney’s fairy tale carriage is sure to give you all the princess feels you need. You may even be inspired to add a bit of that Disney magic into your big day whenever it does happen (or gather your BFFs for a Cinderella-inspired photoshoot).