Valentine's Day
Shop these adorable toys, accessories, and treats from Petco’s Valentine’s Day 2023 shop.
Petco’s Valentine’s Day 2023 Toys, Treats, & Sweaters Are Too Cute

Need that “I’m a lover, not a biter” tee.

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Valentine’s Day is here again, which means it’s time to shower your one true love — your pet, obviously — in roses, sweet treats, and teddy bears. Whether you’re boo-ed up or single this February, your furry friend is always there to give you kisses and snuggles, listen to your stories, and give you unconditional love. They definitely deserve some extra loving on Valentine’s too, and Petco’s Valentine’s Day 2023 collection includes everything festive your fur baby would love, from heart-printed sweaters and collars to Valentine’s cards.

You’ve probably planned all the presents, kisses, and chocolate you’re gifting your human partner, but why not spoil your four-legged bestie too? Whether you’re a dog parent, cat mom, or adore your guinea pig, Petco has so many cute accessories, toys, and more to get them in the spirit all month long. February’s about to get really cold, so it’s a great time to stock up on pink, red, and heart-covered cozy sweaters to keep your fur babies extra warm.

Petco’s Valentine’s Day collection also includes rose and heart-shaped chew toys, graphic dog tees, and cutesy collars. There’s even a DIY Valentine’s Day photo booth kit that’ll come in handy when you want to snap tons of IGs or TikToks with your dog or cat in their new holiday outfit (#fitpic). Shop these items from Petco’s Valentine’s Day shop to show your pet a ton of affection this year, because that’s a love that’ll last fur-ever.

Shower Your Pup With Rose Toys

Roses are red, and your puppy is cute. As much as you love a ruby red bouquet, they’ll love playing with Petco’s rose-shaped rope toy.

Entertain Your Fur Baby With A Cuddly Toy

You won’t mind when your dog chews up this teddy bear because it’s designed specially for de-stuffers. It’s flat so they won’t leave a fluffy mess on the floor, and it has squeaks and crinkles inside to keep your pup entertained for hours.

Pen A Love Letter To Your Cat

Grab these pet Valentine kits from Petco to show your fur baby how much you truly care. Sure, maybe you show that you’d spend all nine lives with your kitty or that you dig your dog with your actions, but sometimes your boo needs words of affirmation, too.

Remind Your Dog That They’re Pawsome

It would be so cute to hang your love letter on their crate or on the fridge as a reminder of your love all month long.

Treat Your Pup To Some Sweet Dog Valentine’s Day Cookies

If your dog isn’t in the mood to play with a new toy, you can always bet on their appetite for cookies. These dog treats from Petco are iced in festive shapes like heart paws and fire hydrants and taste like apple cinnamon – so yummy you may be tempted to take a nibble.

Get Your Pup A Valentine’s Heart Stud Collar

Roses, sweets, teddy bear... what’s missing on the V-Day checklist? Jewelry, of course. Petco’s red and silver heart stud dog collar comes in three sizes and is so sweet for all year round.

Take A Pic Of Your Dog In This “I’m A Lover Not A Biter” Tee

This hilarious doggy graphic tee is perfect for teething puppies and sweet souls. It’s easy to pull over their head, fits snug in the cold winter, and fronts the playful message “I’m a lover not a biter.”

Grab This Bandana For Your Pooch To Wear All Month

Cupid must have shot you with an arrow, because you’re head over heels for your pooch. This customizable name bandana says it all.

Keep Your Furry Friend Warm In A Festive Knit

Dogs may grow their own fur coat, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get cold in the winter seasons. This pompom heart knit sweater will look so cute on your daily walks or in photos frolicking in the snow. Grab it in red or this hot pink version.

Make Playtime Sweeter With These Chewy Hearts

These love-core rubber chew toys will keep your pup busy so they’re not begging for a taste of your chocolate truffles.

Get Your Pup Camera-Ready With This Dog Photo Shoot Kit

When you’re around your dog, you probably always have a camera ready to capture their cuteness at a moment’s notice, especially if they’re all dressed up for the holiday. This Valentine’s Day photo studio kit from Petco has you covered for an adorable photoshoot with a festive banner, bone-shaped plush toy, and heart-printed bandana.

Snag Some Valentine’s Day Dog Bags

When February rolls around, it’s basically mandatory that everything is pink, red, and covered in hearts. Even essential dog waste bags can play into the cute aesthetic, and this pack of two refills has you stocked for March with St. Patrick’s Day decals too.

Score A Teeny Sweater For Your Teeny Friend

This tiny guinea pig sweater is almost as cute as your little friend and will keep them extra warm and chic throughout the chilly month.

Match With Your Dog In A Puppy Parent Tee

What’s cuter than mommy-and-me matching tees? Grab this “My Mom Is My Valentine” dog tee for your little one as well as the twinning human version to match.

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