Paige Lorenze, who is the Chief Lifestyle Officer at the Miami Open

Paige Lorenze Gives The Play-By-Play Of Her Day At The Miami Open

The Dairy Boy founder and WAG was named the tournament’s chief lifestyle officer.

When you think of the tennis-core aesthetic — preppy skirts, little white dresses, and cashmere sweaters tied around shoulders — you’re probably thinking of Paige Lorenze. The 26-year-old content creator is well-known for her chic courtside style, which bridges sporty and elegant in a way that would fit in at any tennis club... or tennis tournament.

In March, Lorenze was named the chief lifestyle officer at the Miami Open, creating content to show longtime tennis fans (and newbies) exactly what the tournament has to offer. “These tournaments deserve coverage that’s authentic,” Lorenze tells Elite Daily. “I've poured my heart — and my time — into creating engaging tennis content, and it's been amazing to bring a younger audience into the tennis world.”

The Dairy Boy founder has been dating her tennis pro boyfriend, Tommy Paul, since the fall of 2022. Paul’s based in Miami, making this tournament an extra special one for the couple. “We’re each other's biggest support systems,” Lorenze says. “The fact that I had the opportunity to work alongside him at his home tournament and make these memories together is something we’ll always fondly remember.”

Below, Lorenze gives all the BTS details of her day working as Miami Open’s chief lifestyle officer, from walking the grounds and supporting Paul to having a girls’ night out with a fellow WAG and close friend.

Paige Lorenze

A Glam-Filled Morning

8 a.m.: Normally when I wake up, I immediately need coffee. But this morning, I woke up so excited to be in Miami that I headed straight to get my hair done with Wella. Their team was amazing and so talented. We chatted through my hair and what would be best for dealing with the Miami weather — you never know if it’s going to randomly start raining, so I wanted to do a look that could last through the day and any surprises. Wella’s hair spray can hold just about anything, so we did a semi-slicked down look in the front with loose curls.

Paige Lorenze

9 a.m.: Coffee craving kicked in. I made my favorite: cold brew with more milk than coffee (what can I say, I’m a dairy girl) and a spoonful of brown sugar.

The Miami Open is uniquely special to me because it’s where Tommy and my home is, so I’ve been really enjoy taking my time getting ready in the mornings to soak it all in. For my morning skin care routine, I’ve been loving Barefaced’s Toning Pads and their Overachiever Moisturizer. I layer it with Tatcha’s SPF because you can never have too much sun protection, especially in Miami.

Paige Lorenze

Next up on the agenda: glam — well, kind of glam because I did my own makeup and went for a more natural look. I recently started using Dior’s Backstage Foundation and love the way it sits on my skin, especially during tournaments when I’m in the sun for long hours. Another makeup routine staple for me is the Dior Lip Oil. I don’t leave the house without it and think I’ve gone through at least 10 of them.

10 a.m.: After getting ready, I reviewed my lines for the day of filming ahead. I’m co-presenting with the host of the Miami Open, Andrew Kransy. This is my first time doing something like this, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling the nerves.

Finally feeling confident in my lines, I picked out my outfit before heading to the tournament site. I love dressing up for tournaments and tennis has really allowed me to tap into my personal style. For today, I chose a simple, white linen Reformation dress: a classy, simple, and breathable look that is not too revealing, but also weather-appropriate and comfortable.

I paired it with white ankle socks and Reeboks from DSW. DSW is like my hidden little secret — they have some of the best pairs of shoes that you can’t find elsewhere.

The inspiration for my outfit stemmed from the tennis-core movement. To me, tennis-core is more than a trend. It's a fashion movement that fuses the classic, historical styles in tennis with modern RTW pieces. I love how classic silhouettes that have always been seen on the court are now being worn throughout daily life. That’s the vibe I wanted to emulate with my outfit.

First Stop: Food

Paige Lorenze

11 a.m.: I arrived at the grounds and met up with Andrew. We filmed and recorded some voiceovers, then walked to the Nobu pop-up on the stadium level to film content there. The pop-up menu included the iconic favorites like the rock shrimp tempura and crispy rice. Nobu’s lychee martini is my all-time favorite, so I couldn’t leave without having one (OK fine, maybe two).

1 p.m.: I checked out other food and drink venues on the grounds and stopped by two of my favorites: Ella’s Oyster Bar and Stella Artois on The Sunset Terrace, where I had the best french fries of my life — seriously. (I don’t know what they made those things with, but I honestly contemplated asking for the recipe.) One of The Miami Open’s signature drinks this year is the Santa Margherita Frozen Rose, so of course I had to try one of those too.

Paige Lorenze
Paige Lorenze
Paige Lorenze
Paige Lorenze

3 p.m.: Tommy had a meet-and-greet at the Celsius pop-up, so I made my way there. I love seeing him in his element. Considering this tournament is in his hometown, it’s really cool to see all the support surrounding him.

Quality Time (& A Quality Meal) Before A GNO

Paige Lorenze

5 p.m.: I arrived back home and started on dinner for me and Tommy. I always make him the same types of meals before matches, usually something carb-y and with protein. This time, I made my chicken parm since it’s one of his favorites. (Pro tip: The key to good chicken parm is thin chicken and a great, flavorful sauce. You really have to ensure you flatten the chicken well so it cooks the perfect amount. For sauce, I always use Rao’s.)

7 p.m.: Time to get ready (again)! Tonight, I went to the Cadillac Party at Carbone with my good friend, Ayan Broomfield [a Canadian tennis pro and girlfriend of U.S. tennis pro Frances Tiafoe]. We’ve grown close on tour and really support each other throughout the season. She’s the sweetest and so easy to get along with. (We actually worked together on a really fun project with a sportswear brand, coming out the first week of April. I can’t wait to announce more details soon.)

For the event, I chose an elevated but simple blue dress from Revolve and paired it with black stilettos. I added a black wing and darker eyeshadow to my makeup to transition from a day-to-night look.

Paige Lorenze

Back Home To Unwind

10 p.m.: Back home, I did my skin care routine and got ready for bed. I use my Bareface Moisturizer day and night, it’s a skin care staple for me.

I got into bed and had some editing from the day that I needed to finish. It’s always rewarding for me to see content come together. I try to be as creative as possible when editing, and I take a lot of pride in it. YouTube is by far my favorite form of content to make because I think lengthier videos showcase my artistic ability the most.

11:30 p.m.: Somewhere around 11:30, I fell asleep. It was easy to feel grateful, knowing I had more days ahead to film, experience the grounds, and continue highlighting the behind-the-scenes of the world of tennis.

This as-told-to has been condensed and edited for clarity.