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So Many Cosmic Shifts Are Taking Place This Week, And 3 Zodiac Signs Are Living For It


There’s a lot happening in astrology this week, so buckle up. You might feel like things are starting off on a good note, thanks to the fact that it begins with communicative Mercury joining forces with expansive Jupiter. This will help you think big and encourage you to feel optimistic about your instincts. Don’t repress your ideas, because they have the power to lead you so far. If you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of November 1, 2021 — Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn — then your potential is truly limitless.

A gorgeous opportunity to transform arrives on Nov. 4. This is when the new moon will rise in committed, passionate, and rebellious Scorpio, pushing you to set your heart on something that pulls on your entire soul. Scorpio is a zodiac sign that tends to be all or nothing, so this is not the time to half-ass things. Pour your energy into the things you truly can’t stop thinking about. Why distract yourself with anything less? This new moon will also form an opposition with Uranus — planet of sudden changes — which could lead to unexpected left turns. Sometimes, you just change your mind and there’s no going back to what you thought before.

The zodiac will also embrace a major shift as of Nov. 5. Venus — planet of love, friendship, and luxury — will enter Capricorn, a grounded earth sign that has its focus set on the future. This transit is not favorable of meaningless flings and going-nowhere crushes. Venus in Capricorn wants you to envision a romance as a power couple in which you and your lover can accomplish anything.

Here’s why the following zodiac signs have a lot of good coming to them:


Cancer: You’re Discovering Inspiration In Unexpected Places

Get out there and explore, Cancer. Talk to new people, research innovative ideas, and experiment with new modes of expression. This week is encouraging you to embrace sudden genius when it arrives, because your creative senses are tingling. They simply require you to provide enough electricity for them to strike lightning. This week, what inspires you is what you haven’t tried before, and yet, you’ve always wanted to try it. It’s easy to slip into a comfortable rhythm, but this week, growth will arrive when you challenge yourself to open new pathways.

Scorpio: You’re Thinking On Your Feet And Feeling Lucky

You might feel way more clearheaded this week, Scorpio. If you make a point of filling your mind with new information and exercising your brain, you might even feel genius. However you decide to focus your energy, this week represents a turning point, as new moon in Scorpio will take place. This new moon will help you define the type of person you’re becoming and how you can radiate that energy throughout the world. Don’t feel imprisoned by what other people tell you about yourself. Remember, you call the shots around here.

Capricorn: You’re Embracing So Much Love And Good Energy

As of this week, the cosmic energy surrounding you may not be perfect, but it definitely feels more beautiful. This week is when Venus enters your zodiac sign, which means you’re being blessed by everything Venus has to offer. And believe me, Venus doesn’t forget to bring the goods. With Venus moving through your zodiac sign, you may start to feel more attractive, more romantic, and way more open to the pleasures at your disposal. Revel in it, Capricorn.