The New York Times Cooking getaway for cookie-lovers in the Catskills.

The New York Times Cooking Cookie Lovers Getaway Is A Sweet Stay

This is Santa’s dream vacay.

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Aside from decorating your Christmas tree and donning a cozy sweater, there’s nothing more quintessential than baking cookies for the holiday season. Whether you’re more of a traditional baker with sugar cookies decorated in red and green frosting or you like to spice things up with Taylor Swift’s chai cookie recipe, the kitchen is your happy place this time of year. For many, The New York Times is a go-to source for holiday cookie recipe inspo, and the publication is leaning into the festivities by creating two bookable homes specifically designed for cookie lovers. Here’s how to book The New York Times Cooking cookie lovers getaway for the ultimate holiday escape.

With all the stress that comes from shopping and attending multiple parties, you definitely need a little break to catch your breath. When you’re at home, your form of self-care may be to throw on some PJs, watch your fave movie, and whip up a batch of delicious and warm cookies. Luckily, The New York Times Cooking, which is a subscription service with recipes from The New York Times, is making that stress-free dream a reality by designing two holiday baking-themed stays. Each one of the NYT Cooking homes is available to rent for weekend trips this December, and they’re so ‘Gram-worthy.

How To Book The New York Times Cooking Getaway For Cookie Lovers

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Similar to how you book one-of-a-kind stays with Vrbo and Airbnb, you want to be the first to reserve your spot at one of the NYT Cooking homes. Booking will begin Tuesday, Nov. 22 for three weekend stays, and the two-night stays will each take place in December, starting the weekend of Dec. 2 and ending the weekend of Dec. 16.

After checking in on Friday, you’ll get to explore your new home away from home, which will be fully stocked with everything you need to make NYT Cooking’s most popular holiday cookie recipes. The kitchen will also have baking tools recommended by NYT Wirecutter and a New York Times All Access subscription for you to check out even more news and recipes. You know this is exactly how Santa would want to spend his vacay — relaxing and enjoying cookies.

Where Is The NYT Cooking Getaways For Cookie Lovers?

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The two coasts have been chosen for the locations of the New York Times Cooking getaways. The first is located just two hours outside of New York City, in the Catskill Mountains. This Cookie Cabin is the perfect location for a cozy, traditional holiday trip. However, if you’re looking for an escape from the snow, you may want to stay in the west coast Cookie Cabana, which is located in Palm Springs, California. Your choices are kind of like choosing between either Cameron Diaz’s home or Kate Winslet’s in The Holiday. Both are festive, fun, and perfect for foodies.

How Much Is The New York Times Cooking Getaway For Cookie-Lovers?

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The four-bedroom stays for up to six guests in either New York or California will be $325 a night. So, for a two-night stay, you’ll need to divide $650 between you and your getaway crew.

Of course, if you can’t take time off this time of year to travel to New York or California or don’t have the budget with all the presents you’ve been buying, no worries. You can also enter the NYT Cooking cookie lovers sweepstakes to win an ultimate baking kit. Five winners will be sent a special kit with items chosen from NYT Cooking and Wirecutter so you can make your own delicious holiday cookies at home. If this sounds like the sweetest way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, mark your calendar for Nov. 22 so you can be one of the lucky three who get to bake the holidays even greater.

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