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For These 3 Zodiac Signs, Letting Go Of 2021 Might Feel Bittersweet

After all, they’re *still* processing 2020.

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New Year’s Eve is a holiday that can stir the most intense emotions within you. It’s the last night of the year, which automatically makes you contemplate the 365-day journey you’re about to complete. And when the clock strikes 12, the instant transition into a brand new year can be a shock. Luckily, the fact that NYE encourages you to wear shiny sequins and wave a sparkler through the air like your very own magic wand always makes the experience beautiful. And if you’re of the unlucky zodiac signs who will have the worst New Year’s Eve 2021 — Taurus, Cancer, and Aquarius — you might be feeling the pressure, but at least you’re doing it in style.

The astrological energy surrounding the upcoming NYE is hot to the touch. The moon will be in untethered and open-minded Sagittarius, giving you the guts to step out of your comfort zone and test your limits. But as warrior Mars meshes with the moon’s energy, it will heighten the temperature to a scalding degree, increasing the desire to be impulsive.

Uncertainty in your relationships could also be dominating your attention. Venus — planet of love and friendship — will be joining forces with all-or-nothing Pluto, which could make you feel like ready to declare an ultimatum. However, there’s always time to talk about things in the morning, so don’t make a jump before you’re truly ready. The fact that loyal Saturn and independent Uranus will be squaring off only adds to the pressure, making you question whether you’ll stick to your NYE resolutions this year or say “screw it” and let fate decide.

Luckily, change may be arriving more gracefully than you think. If you’re prepared to watch the sun rise on New Year’s Day, you could experience an epiphany. At 4:50 a.m. ET, the sun will trine insightful and revolutionary Uranus, giving you a beautiful glimpse into a future that’s all yours.

The following zodiac signs may feel overwhelmed by the fact that it’s already 2022 when they haven’t even finished processing 2020. Here’s why they’re becoming more powerful anyway:

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Taurus: You May Feel Tempted To Make A Drastic Change

As you approach the new year, you may feel increasingly restless. Innovative Uranus has been encouraging you to embrace your full authenticity and break away from the constraints that have been holding you back. Even though you may be ready to completely break free and start from scratch, you’re also realizing that it’s up to you to create a space for yourself that supports your growth. When other people try to tell you who you are, there’s no reason you have to believe them. You call the shots.

Cancer: You Might Be Navigating A New Relationship Dynamic

Resentments and unhealed wounds may be disrupting the harmony in your circle. Venus retrograde is taking place in your seventh house of partnerships, bringing up the issues you’re still trying to reconcile with others. And on NYE, these issues may be at the forefront of your mind. Before you lose hope, remember that relationships only become stronger when you work through conflicts. And if you feel ready to throw in the towel, think of the many stories you’re about to write with all the new people you’ll meet in 2022.

Aquarius: You’re Learning How To Stand Strong In The Middle Of A Storm

As you embrace the transition from one year to another, you may feel the chaos of the uncertainty surrounding you. And with resilient Saturn moving through Aquarius, you’re trying your hardest to remain steady in spite of it all. You’re learning that no matter what happens, you’re capable of weathering any storm. Just remember that you don’t have to weather the storm alone and you don’t need to maintain a brave front at all times. Even the strongest among us need to rest and set the burden aside for a moment.