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12 Naughty & Nice Gift Ideas For Some Sugar & Spice

The elves don’t make these kinds of presents in the North Pole...

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It's slightly unfair for Santa to categorize everyone as naughty or nice, because deep down, aren't we all a little bit of sugar and spice? There should seriously be a list in between the two for those of us who classify as “chaotic good.” Needless to say, it's perfectly OK to ask Santa to put you on both lists this year and ask for something that is sweet but also has a little touch of spice. And if you want to get some of your own gift giving out of the way, there are a bunch of naughty and nice gift ideas that are perfect for friends or that special someone you want to cuddle with this season. If you need some inspiration, here are 12 naught and nice gift ideas for your Santa shopping this year.

These gifts are sweet, sexy, hazy, or boozy to gift your loved ones who are always down for a good time. These kinds of special gifts aren’t usually made by elves in the North Pole, so we compiled adult-friendly items that you can order online in time for the holidays. If you're looking for a nice gift with just a hint of naughty that you know will be put to good use, here are 12 ideas to consider. And hey, if you've already gotten all of your holiday shopping out of the way for your people, why not treat yourself to something you know you'll love? No matter what, you can embrace both the good and the naughty side this holiday season, because it just wouldn't be fun without either of them.


Zodiac Electric Lighter

Zodiac holiday gifts are an easy way to personalize an item. These gold zodiac lighters bring a novelty with their cool electronic spark. They have a built-in lithium-ion battery that’s rechargeable with a USB.


Unique Drinkware

Unique drinkware is a fun way to equip your at-home bartender buddy with cool new bar accessories. This 4-piece coupe glass set is vintage-inspired and comes in funky colors for pouring out fun cocktails.


Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs

For your bestie who totally follows the treat yo self mentality, you can gift CBD and THC-infused bath bombs from Kush Queen. Five 10mg CBD bombs come in each pack, so it's a gift your friend can enjoy multiple times and try out a new bath time favorite.


Truth Or Drink Card Game

There’s nothing more “naughty and nice” than a classic game of truth or dare. Bring on the booze with this Truth Or Drink card game you can play at holiday gatherings.


Love Elixir

Grab this organic Lemme Elixer by Kourtney Kardashian if you want to give the gift of good loving this holiday season. It’s formulated with love-boosting botanicals such as rose flower and warming ginger root to get you and your bae in the mood.


Superfood CBD Brownie Mix

This hemp-infused gluten-free CBD brownie mix contains pure superfood cocoa with an ultra relaxing affect. These magic brownies won’t get you high, but will surely provide an extra calming effect during dessert.


Lingerie Gift Set

You can grab these CUUP lingerie bundles for sexy gift-giving this year, which come in several different colors, cuts, and fabric finishes.

Cannabis Scented Candle

Homesick is popular for its unique scented soy wax candles, and this one is perfect for friends on your naughty list who love to vibe out. The clever Four Twenty candle has top notes of bergamot and cannabis, combined with patchouli, sandalwood, and musk for a warm, earthy aroma.


Crystal Bottle Opener

These crystal bottle openers from Etsy will bless all your drinks with good vibes. The handles are made with genuine crystals known for their healing properties, such as amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, and blue sodalite. You can even charge them in the sun or under the moon before gifting them.


Chocolate Body Paint

Chocolate is one of the sweetest parts of the holiday season, and this gift makes it really naughty. You can gift bae with this chocolate body paint with a personalized label to let them know that dessert’s on you.


Naughty Eyeshadow Palette

Grab this Naughty Nude eyeshadow palette to give the gift of glam. The shimmery shadows and warm tones look just like sugar and spice in nude tones that can be worn from day to night.


Instant Cocktail Sugar Cubes

These holiday cocktail sugar cubes make for a fun adult stocking stuffer that bring the holiday spirit. They’re infused with spices and botanicals for an instant festive sip in hot spirits, coffee or cocktails.

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