This Mike's Hard Freeze House pop-up is a '90s escape with throwback decor.

This Mike’s Hard Freeze House Giveaway Could Win You A ‘90s Stay In LA

Your 'Gram-worthy all-inclusive stay will also come with $10,000.

With crop tops, tie-dye, butterfly clips, and wide-leg pants becoming trendy again, it’s clear the ‘90s are back in fashion. Even the Spice Girls are popping up on Netflix shows reminding us of girl power and platform heels. If you’re ready to really throw it back, this Mike’s Hard Freeze House pop-up is a ‘90s escape you’ll want to visit ASAP. Luckily, you and up to three of your friends can do just that by winning the ultimate getaway.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade is celebrating their brand new Mike’s Hard Freeze by offering one lucky fan the ultimate ‘90s escape to the Mike’s Hard Freeze House in Los Angeles. This one-of-a-kind stay is both inspired by the new Mike’s Hard Freeze flavors and one of the most iconic decades — the ‘90s. Along with getting a nostalgic weekend away with your besties, you and your friends will also get a chance to try the new Mike’s Hard Freeze flavors while playing arcade games, watching ‘90s movies, and dancing along to songs from all your favorite boy bands. There’s even a confessional for you to pretend like you’re in your very own ‘90s reality show, like The Real World.

How To Win A Stay At The Mike’s Hard Freeze House

Courtesy of Mike's Hard Lemonade

If this all sounds like da bomb, you’ll want to enter the Mike’s Hard Freeze House sweepstakes, which is open from now through May 18. Along with entering your name, email, and date of birth, you’ll also need to answer one question: what’s your favorite trend from the ‘90s and why? You’ve only got 50 words, so as Jack Dawson says, “Make it count,” with a totally unique answer that’s both true to you and tight. Winners will be announced on or around May 20, and you can only enter once.

When Is The Mike’s Hard Freeze House Escape?

Courtesy of Mike's Hard Lemonade

If you are the chosen one to receive the ultimate ‘90s escape with Mike’s Hard Freeze House, you and up to three of your friends will get to spend June 3 through June 5 in your very own Insta-worthy crib. The all-inclusive stay includes round trip air transportation for you and your BFFs to LA as well as car service to and from the Mike’s Hard Freeze House. Winners will also receive $10,000 cash and a catered meal while staying in the house.

What’s In The Mike’s Hard Freeze House?

Courtesy of Mike's Hard Lemonade

Staying in the Mike’s Hard Freeze House will really make you feel like you’ve time traveled back to the ‘90s. The home isn’t just Insta-worthy with a lava lamp wall but also MTV Cribs-worthy, so you’ll want to bring your camera along to document the whole experience. Each of the four bedrooms in the home is inspired by a different flavor of Mike’s Hard Freeze. The Red Freeze Room is for ‘90s reality TV fans, because it has the perfect setup for a reality TV confessional with cameras, a ring light, and an iconic red lips couch.

Upstairs in the Pink Freeze Room, you’ll feel like you’re living “in a Barbie world” with all pink decor. The closet is even full of ‘90s-inspired outfits you can try on. Put on your very own ‘90s fashion and makeover movie montage like you’re Cher in Clueless. If you’re a fan of ‘90s boy bands and music videos from the era, you’ll want to stay in the White Freeze Room. The room has a CD wall that’s the perfect backdrop for some cute Instas as well as a futuristic silver foil wall that looks like something out of a Missy Elliott or TLC music video.

The master bedroom is the Blue Freeze Room that has blue furniture and decor. There’s even a bathtub and walk-in closet full of ‘90s fashion like bucket hats and overalls. While the bedrooms are cozy and fun on their own, you and your crew will want to spend a lot of time in the Throwback Arcade. There you’ll find arcade games and an air hockey table along with snacks and bean bag chairs.

Courtesy of Mike's Hard Lemonade

Since you’ll be in sunny LA, you’ll also want to spend time in the backyard. Along with drinking some new Mike’s Hard Freeze flavors, you can take a dip in the pool or just snap cute pics in front of the “when I dip, you dip, we dip” sign. When you’re ready to go back inside, you can relax in the living room, which has very ‘90s clear bubble chairs. When you’re hungry, check out the Sampling Kitchen, which has snacks and, of course, Mike’s Hard Freeze drinks to enjoy.

Between the throwback fun and Insta-worthy photo moments throughout the house, you and your friends are sure to have an unforgettable time in the Mike’s Hard Freeze House. The getaway is open to U.S. residents who are 21 years or older, so if that’s you, you better enter now for a totally tubular time.

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