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Mercury Retrograde Will Be Far From Kind For These 3 Zodiac Signs

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There's nothing in astrology more universally loathed than Mercury retrograde. It marks a time when everything simply feels strange, confusing, and off-center. Mercury is the planet of communication and cognitive function, and when Mercury stations retrograde, you may feel like your brain is a pile of spaghetti instead of the intelligent engine you were hoping for. You may feel like your tongue is constantly getting tangled up whenever you try to say something important. The whole experience can leave you feeling far more prone to making errors than usual, and if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst Mercury retrograde spring 2021, you may be feeling it even more intensely.

This particular Mercury retrograde begins on May 29 at 6:33 p.m. ET, taking place in social, intellectual, and adaptable Gemini. Mercury is Gemini's ruling planet, which means Mercury is comfortable while it's in Gemini, inducing you with a natural affinity for knowledge and experiences that stimulate your mind. However, when Mercury is retrograde while in Gemini, it’s a different story. Mercury may challenge the way you seek out new information and decipher the truth you may find from that information. It may also encourage you to rethink the way you express yourself and engage with others in conversation. The result? A whole lot of missed mental steps and even more social mishaps.

Luckily, Mercury retrograde is nowhere near as bad as you might think it is. Though it's true that Mercury retrograde can leave your brain feeling jumbled — which translates to awkward energy that can result in procrastination and bewilderment — Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to return to the drawing board and review certain aspects of your life.

Regardless, these zodiac signs may feel the impact of this spring's Mercury retrograde the most. Here's why:

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Gemini: You're Rethinking The Way You Express Yourself

You may feel somewhat confused about who you are and what you want during this retrograde. However, it's only revealing the deeper layers of yourself, encouraging you to look a little more closely at your identity. Engage with the process of discovering yourself all over again. Chances are, there are aspects of yourself that you never truly acknowledged or respected the way you should have. Connect with a deeper confidence.

Virgo: You're Reassessing The Direction Of Your Career

You could feel disconnected from the state of your career during this time, as though you're not motivated or inspired by your goals. However, instead of focusing on beginning something new, why not look at projects that you may have abandoned in the past? There may be unfinished business in your career that deserves a second look. It may even inspire you to finish something, which is so much harder than starting something.

Sagittarius: You're Reviewing The State Of Your Relationships

During this Mercury retrograde, you may experience more pitfalls in your relationships. Maybe you're not getting along with someone in your life and perhaps you're feeling disillusioned by your relationships altogether. However, this is the perfect time to rethink what kind of relationship you actually want. It's also a great time to analyze the kind of partner you are in a relationship and to remember that it’s a two-way street.

Pisces: You're Restructuring Aspects Of Your Home Life

You may feel like you're just not as comfortable in your life once this retrograde begins. Perhaps your bed feels all lumpy and maybe you're not getting along with your family as well as you once were. All this retrograde is doing is revealing aspects of your home life that may require some tinkering. Use this energy to create the home and the family dynamic that makes you feel as safe as a warm blanket.

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