Young woman happy during a good Mercury retrograde season.

This Mercury Retrograde Will Be A Blessing In Disguise For 4 Zodiac Signs

Love this journey for you.

You may know "Mercury retrograde" as the moment all hell breaks loose in astrology. After all, isn't this when you say the worst thing at the most uncomfortable time? Isn't it when you accidentally forget to save a document that you spent hours working on? Isn't it when your exes start showing up like the ghosts of Mercury retrograde past? Well, to put it bluntly, yes. However, in the grand scheme of everything that can happen in astrology, Mercury retrograde is no big deal. If anything, it's just inconvenient, and if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best Mercury retrograde spring 2021, it might not be so bad at all.

Mercury retrograde can be an incredibly interesting and even empowering experience if you work with its energy instead of against it. That means relinquishing your need for things to go smoothly and according to plan. Easier said than done, but remember that Mercury — planet of communication and logic — is not working the way it's used to, which basically means that errors are inevitable. You'll probably press "send" before you're truly ready for that message to be received and you'll most likely show up late to at least one appointment; it’s the nature of Mercury retrograde. But if you embrace the fact that this is a great time to review, reassess, and rethink all of the unfinished business in your past, Mercury retrograde can be an incredibly fruitful experience.

Beginning on May 29 at 6:33 p.m. ET in knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and flexible Gemini, this experience will inspire you to rethink the way you use your mind and remain open to new ideas. Here's why the following zodiac signs might actually enjoy the journey this upcoming Mercury retrograde will take them on:

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Aries: You're Challenging The Way You Speak Your Mind

Communication is central to the way your relationships function. It's also integral to the way you learn new things and expand your mind. This retrograde is about rethinking the way you communicate your truth and process information that you receive. Do you speak without listening to others? Do you feel too shy to speak your mind? This retrograde will encourage you to get the most out of your conversations.

Leo: You're Rethinking The Social Groups You Associate With

The people you spend your time with have so much influence over the type of person you become. It's time to reassess what you're getting out of your relationships, especially in a community setting. You may realize it's time to return to an old clique that you had a special connection with. You may also realize it's time to meet new people who may share your interests more than the people you were spending time with before.

Libra: You're Returning To Some Unexpected Places

You may feel drawn to places that you visited in the past. You may also feel drawn to spontaneous and somewhat chaotic experiences that expand your mind in unthinkable ways. You may feel somewhat aimless or directionless throughout this retrograde, but that's OK. You don't need to have a road map in order for this journey to be worth your while. Embrace the random yet exciting situations you may find yourself in.

Aquarius: You're Learning How To Create Your Own Spark

You may feel somewhat disconnected from the usual things that bring you pleasure or joy. However, the experience will prompt you to dig deeper, encouraging you to discover ways to bring that happiness into your life all by yourself. Inspiration doesn't always drop in on you like a serendipitous lightning bolt of creativity. Sometimes, you need to learn new ways to generate that artistic electricity within yourself.