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McDonald's Holiday 2022 Merch Drops Include Hamburglar Hoodies

There are even Chicken McNugget stockings.

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McDonald’s has been busy this holiday season with a sweepstakes to win a McGold Card, three weeks of all the food deals you could want (and didn’t know you wanted), and now, 2022 holiday merch. The fast food chain can’t seem to stop churning out seasonal gifts. Mark your calendars for Dec. 7 and Dec. 14 because the Golden Arches are dropping two exclusive merch collections that include Chicken McNugget Stockings and Hamburglar hoodies.

The limited-edition merch will be available for purchase in-app. If you haven’t already, download McDonald’s mobile app to get ready for the drop. The first drop on Dec. 7 will include Chicken McNugget Stockings that look so realistic you might confuse them with actual nuggets — seriously, you might get cravings just by looking at them. For a cozy vibe you can actually wear, check out the McDonald’s Oversized AM and PM Wrapper Hoodies come in iconic Egg McMuffin and Cheeseburger wrapper prints. They look ultra soft and perfect for wrapping yourself up in before a holiday movie marathon.

If that’s not cozy enough, the McDonald’s Dream Order PJs set with images of fries, Coca-Cola, Big Macs, and Cheeseburgers floating in a starry night will surely send you off to bed with dreams of a McDonald’s meal in the morning. When you’re home for the holidays and need a fun activity to keep you busy, put on your thinking cap to solve a McDonald’s Dipping Sauce Puzzle that features your favorites sauces: Sweet ‘N Sour, Tangy BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch, and Spicy Buffalo.

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After you’ve stocked up on merch from the first drop, come back on Dec. 14 for the second exclusive drop in partnership with Diamond Supply Co. The trendy streetwear brand is collaborating with McD’s in four Hamburglar-inspired designs. The collection includes a Hamburglar hoodie, short sleeve t-shirt, and beanie in black, and a white long sleeve shirt.

Courtesy of McDonald's

Make a wishlist of the items you want, so you’ll waste no time when the drop happens.

How To Enter The Merch Drops

The McDonald’s holiday 2022 merch will be available exclusively in the mobile app. But how and when can you shop the line? You’ll have to make a minimum $1 purchase in-app on Dec. 7 or Dec. 14 to access the launches on those days, according to McDonald’s. Once you’ve made a purchase, the homepage of your app should have a push notification giving you access to the merch. There may also be a password required, so pay attention then you make your purchase to make sure you get all the merch you have your eyes on this holiday season.

If you need ideas of what that $1 purchase will be, you’re in luck because McDonald’s SZN of Giving deals are coming in clutch. The deal for Dec. 7 is a BOGO Big Mac and for Dec. 14, a BOGO Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Who knew you could get so much holiday cheer at the Golden Arches?

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