This Unique Card Game Was Designed To Spark Deep Conversations Between Women

We all need to talk about aging, mental health, menopause more.

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On the one hand, thanks to the modern miracle that is the internet, the lines of communication are as open as they’ve ever been between different cultures and age groups. On the other hand, there are still plenty of extremely important topics that not enough people are talking about and reflecting on — and aging, mental health, and menopause are all among them.

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That’s why radical self-care company Kindra teamed up with social justice advocate and creator of Black Girl’s Guide to Surviving Menopause Omisade Burney-Scott to create Say More Conversation & Journaling Cards. Designed to be used with a group or solo, and across generations, it’s an empowering tool to create and deepen community.

Burney-Scott’s partnership with Kindra began in 2020 when they teamed up for a simple podcast sponsorship, and grew, thanks to Kinda’s determination to support the menopause journey with estrogen-free essentials. The two were a seamless match, so they collaborated to create this intimate and thought-provoking conversation deck with 100 prompts to break down the taboos and feelings of fear or shame surrounding menopause.

What Are Say More Conversation Cards?

The Say More deck aims to break down the long-standing taboos surrounding the subject of menopause and instead facilitate introspection and conversation about it. It’s made to deepen your relationship with both yourself and the people around you as you (or they) experience aging.

Your order comes with 100 prompt cards and 24 wild cards designed to work across generations. There’s also a guide to help you make the most of the experience and a box for easy storage and travel. Each beautifully decorated card has a prompt on it that sparks dialogue and reflection.

How Do You Play Say More?

This game can be played solo as a journaling/meditation exercise or in a group to prompt important discussions. For a solo experience, all you’ll need is some paper, a writing instrument, and an open mind — or you can forego the pen and paper and just meditate on the topics. If you choose to play Say More with others, there’s no limit to how many people can join in, which makes it an inclusive activity that you can experience with all of your friends and loved ones.

To start, shuffle each of the four element categories separately — Air, Earth, Fire, and Water — and decide how many cards you’d like to pull from each element. (The brand recommends three from each to start, but for deeper, longer conversations, you can draw five or more.) From there, either grab a pen and a journal and answer the prompts for yourself, or read them aloud to a group and allow people to go around in a circle or chime in as thoughts arise. Play is designed to be freeform and freeing.

Since gameplay is flexible, you can play however best suits your needs or the needs of the group. Best of all, there’s no winning or losing, since the ultimate goal is to open up the lines of communication, better understand others’ experiences, and cultivate empathy, vulnerability, and support.

Who Can Benefit From These Cards?

Aging and menopause are often simply glossed over — but according to Burney-Scott, “The deck offers a delicious plot twist! Menopause is not an ending, but a liminal pathway to the next iteration of yourself, in that liminal space you are not the only thing transformed; your relationships are, too.”

For that reason, this deck serves as a source of personal exploration for both individuals going through menopause, and a discussion tool for those around them to better create a safe, inclusive environment with family members, friends, and other communities. Use it to better understand your own experience, as a how-to guide for supporting your loved ones, or as a thoughtful gift for someone who could use a little bit of comfort and self-reflection right now.

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