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3 Signs Are Going To Experience Major Highs The Week Of June 14

Jupiter retrograde and Cancer season will be so welcoming.

The seasons are changing, the zodiac wheel is turning, and there’s always something new in store for you. If you think things have grown stagnant and stalled, get ready for what the cosmos have in store next. This week, you’re replacing the replenishing showers of spring with the energizing heat of summer, and the zodiac signs who will have the best week of June 14, 2021 — Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — are embracing this shift most of all.

Mind you, there are still a few things to take care of before summer can truly begin. On June 14, Saturn — planet of tradition, commitment, and maturity — will square off with Uranus — planet of innovation, sudden change, and rebellion. This is the second time Saturn and Uranus will form a square, and it won’t be the last time this year. You may notice there’s a lot more tension in your life; tension that’s always about to burst. You might even feel torn between two choices — sticking with the safe plan or taking a major risk. What’ll it be? Well, that’s up to you.

On June 20, Jupiter — planet of wisdom, growth, and adventure — will station retrograde. This may tone things down a bit as the outer excitement is switched off in favor of inner excitement. Let Jupiter retrograde show you the way toward your own personal growth and expansion.

However, the real high point of this week takes place when Cancer season begins. On June 20 at 11:05 a.m. ET, the sun will enter emotional, intuitive, and nurturing Cancer, jumpstarting the season of summer. This will encourage you to tighten your circle, tap into your heart’s deepest needs, and create the sensation of being “at home” wherever you are.

If you’re a water sign, this week will feel so welcoming. Here’s why:

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Cancer: Your Season Is Just Getting Started, So Live It Up

Now that the sun is officially moving into your first house of the self, you may begin to feel more confident, self-assured, and ready to put yourself out there. You may be thinking more about who you are and how you’ve changed. Over the past year, a lot has happened, and while some of it has been difficult, it’s all helped you grow stronger and become a far more multifaceted person. Now’s the time to start thinking about what you want to do next. However, don’t forget to enjoy yourself, because it’s your solar return, which means it’s time to party.

Scorpio: You’re About To Have The Adventure Of Your Dreams

This week, the sun is moving into your exciting ninth house of adventure and spontaneity. You may be craving experiences that go beyond the realm of your normal day-to-day reality. You may even be thinking about exploring far-off destinations and flying by the seat of your pants while you take life as it comes. If you’re of the more studious type, this transit could tap into your desire for knowledge and mental expansion, encouraging you to return to the classroom and read more books. Either way, your mind is opening like an oyster. Reach for the pearl at its center.

Pisces: You’re Discovering Your Creativity And Your Power

You’re about to experience one of the most enjoyable times of the year (at least according to astrology). Now that the sun is in your fifth house of passion, creation, and romance, all you may feel like doing is having fun, leaving behind your work, and doing what makes you happy. If you feel the need to get up on stage and sing your heart out, do it. If you want to paint your next masterpiece, grab some colors and start making a mess. You may even feel open to the idea of falling in love. Don’t overthink it. Just enjoy it.