2 young women celebrating the Fourth of July, having the best July 4, 2021 per their zodiac signs.

These 3 Signs Will Have So Much To Celebrate On July 4

Get ready for the fireworks.

Growing up, I always knew summer was truly underway on Independence Day. Between the fireworks blasting glitter throughout the night sky and the endless supply of hot dogs sizzling on the grill, this was the holiday that meant school was truly out. Even though I am no longer a student, the spirit of the Fourth of July still rings true, because it signals the season of the laid-back excitement that comes with the hottest season of all. July 4, 2021 will be the best for these zodiac signs — Taurus, Leo, and Pisces — and it has to do with the astrology taking place during this time.

This particular Fourth of July is bound to be a pleasant experience, thanks to the fact that the moon will be in cozy, indulgent, and grounded Taurus. This is a zodiac sign that the moon loves being in, and since the moon is the planet of emotional truth, that speaks volumes. When the moon is in Taurus, the cosmos are comfortable and compassionate, as though there’s a tender and loving energy sweeping throughout the universe.

And that’s not all, because Venus — planet of love, romance, and luxury — will be in flashy and flamboyant Leo. This will make the social vibrations positively irresistible, as though you could be the center of attention all day long. It will also encourage you to tap into your inner child and your creative side, because there are so many colorful parts of you that you have yet to unveil.

With Jupiter in Pisces, it’s clear the cosmos are feeling positive and ready to party. The cocktail of astrological energy is totally scrumptious. Here are the zodiac signs who stand the most to gain from this snapshot in the sky:

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Taurus: You’re Feeling Emotionally Connected To The Experience

Because the moon is in your zodiac sign, you may feel more at ease with whatever the cosmos have in store during this Fourth of July. The Taurus vibe is all about being comfortable, chill, and luxurious, and you may feel pleasantly surprised by how “Taurus” this particular Independence Day turns out to be. All you need to do during this epic summer holiday is whatever your heart desires. The moon is in Taurus, and you’re the one who’s taking this splendid day in whatever direction you deem appropriate.

Leo: You’re The Hottest Person At Whatever Party You’re At

Look, Leo. You can’t help it that you’re beautiful. And with Venus in Leo, you’re feeling more beautiful than ever. The fireworks may be blasting through the sky, spreading magic and fire throughout the sky, but none of it is more exciting than your mere presence in a crowded room. This Fourth of July, you may find yourself feeling more in touch with your personal power and your innate desirability than ever. Go for the goal, Leo, because to everyone else, you are the goal.

Pisces: You’re Feeling Romantic And Confident About Yourself

Oh, Pisces. There’s no one who’s more in the mood to party this summer than you. With Jupiter in Pisces, it’s like you’re embodying all the loud and exuberant qualities that come with being such a shining source of light. This Fourth of July is even more special, because the sun will also be in your fifth house of fun and pleasure. This will encourage you to party even harder than you normally do and to party with even more creative flare than you deem necessary. You do you, Pisces.