Young woman looking at the July 2021 full moon, which will affect her the most, per her zodiac sign.

The July Full Moon Is Here To Shake Things Up For 4 Zodiac Signs

Change is coming.

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Even when life starts to feel totally boring and mundane, there’s always a full moon just around the corner to shake things up. After all, the full moon is when the sun — ruler of your external self — forms an exact opposition with the moon — ruler of your internal self — shedding light on inner truths that you may have been previously unaware of. These full moons arrive just in time to remind you of something important and to catapult you toward change. If you happen to be one of the zodiac signs who will be affected by the July 2021 full moon the most — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius — you have a lot coming your way.

This upcoming full moon takes place on July 23 at 10:36 p.m. ET, and it will rise in innovative, visionary, and community-oriented Aquarius. This full moon will encourage you to embrace your humanitarian beliefs and to fight for the future you desire. This future is not just your own future, but the future of all your loved ones (and if you’re feeling revolutionary, all of humankind).

Harness this full moon by embracing your leadership abilities, and remember, not all leaders wear capes. Sometimes being a leader simply means leading by example and being the change you would like to see in the world. Aquarius is also a highly eccentric zodiac sign that encourages you to be your strange, wacky, and strange self. You know there’s a weird alien living inside you, so hop in your UFO and go for a ride.

Here’s why fixed signs will feel this full moon the most:

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Taurus: You’re Taking Charge Over Your Career And Your Image

This full moon is encouraging you to embrace the authority you hold over your life and where it’s going. Taking place in your 10th house of career, this full moon wants you to rethink your goals, take control over your reputation, and put out the energy of the strong professional that you are. A major career shift could be unfolding, but it’s up to you to make the next decision in your drive for success. Don’t sacrifice your dreams. Earn them.

Leo: You’re Coming To Terms With Where Your Relationships Stand

You may be taking a closer look at the way you function in your relationships during this full moon. As it surges through your seventh house of allies, enemies, colleagues, friends, and lovers, you may be rethinking what kind of partner you are and what kind of partner you desire. Spend time considering how your relationship dynamics have served you and think about the ways they may have also held you back.

Scorpio: You’re Creating The Home You Need And Deserve

As this full moon flows through your fourth house of home, family, and roots, it’s encouraging you to take a closer look at your personal life. This full moon is calling attention to the way you nurture yourself as well as nurture your close loved ones. Call in your power to be a protector of others, but also, a protector of yourself. This full moon has a motherly vibe, encouraging you to learn how to be a better mother to yourself.

Aquarius: You’re Learning So Much About Who You Are

This is your full moon, Aquarius, and it’s lighting up the sky in your name. It will reveal so much about who you are, who you’ve been, and who you’re becoming. Most of all, it will help you more fully inhabit the essence of your personality, so long as you’re willing to face the truths it brings you. This full moon could bring change in any number of ways, so brace yourself for the ride.

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