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These 3 Zodiac Signs May Need To Take Things Slow The First Month Of 2022

Those New Year’s resolutions aren't looking so good already.

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New year, new you? Well, not exactly. Although it’s a brand new year filled with endless possibilities, the truth is, things don’t always change overnight. If you’re already feeling the burden to expedite your New Year’s resolutions, don’t let the pressure make you self-critical. The first month of 2022 is filled with complications, and you know what? That’s OK. Sometimes, you need to work on pre-existing problems before you can truly move forward. And if you’re one of the unlucky zodiac signs who will have the worst month of January 2022 — Gemini, Cancer, and Libra — then you may need to take things slow.

Although you may be hoping to leave the relationship drama back in 2021, there’s still so much that may need working on. Venus retrograde began last month, but it won’t come to an end until Jan. 29. Venus is the planet of romance and this retrograde is moving through serious, stoic, and responsible Capricorn, which means this retrograde has likely been bringing you face to face with karma in your love life. Remember, karma has nothing to do with punishment, but it does has everything to do with the past catching up to your relationships.

Venus isn’t the only planet retrograding this month, because on Jan. 14, Mercury will also station retrograde in rebellious, community-oriented, and obstinate Aquarius. By Jan. 25, this retrograde will revert back into steady, headstrong, and cunning Capricorn before it finally comes to an end on Feb. 3. This retrograde could leave you feeling like you’re driving a car that keeps breaking down. Instead of continuing to put pressure on the ailing engine, why not pull over and check under the hood? It may be an easier fix than you think.

Heres what the following zodiac signs can expect from the first month of 2022:

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Gemini: You’re Learning About The Power Dynamics In Your Life

Even though your instinct as a Gemini may be to keep things lighthearted and laugh through your pain, some uncomfortable emotions may arise this month. Venus will spend the month retrograding through your eighth house of give and take, which could shed light on the level of intimacy, trust, and respect in your relationships. Plus, Mercury — your ruling planet — will station retrograde as of Jan. 14, which could leave you feeling more confused than ever. Embrace these challenges, because you’re learning what needs to change.

Cancer: Your Relationships May Be Experiencing Turbulence

Ever since Venus stationed retrograde last month, you’ve been really going through it. After all, this retrograde is taking place in your seventh house of partnerships, making it feel harder to establish harmony with someone on a one-on-one level. This retrograde, which will continue all month long, could lead to arguing with your SO, complications with your BFF, and that feeling that someone is trying to take you down. This experience could help you work through relationship issues and come out stronger. It will also reveal whether you’re getting the love and respect you deserve.

Libra: You’re Coming To Terms With What Your Heart Really Needs

You may feel a little off-kilter as this month kicks off. For one thing, Venus — your ruling planet — has been retrograde since last month, which could leave you feeling like the world has lost its luster. However, it’s also forcing you to realize how resilient you are, because facing challenges helps you develop your ability to overcome them. As Venus retrogrades through your fourth house of home and family, it may reveal the ways you’re not happy with the flow of your personal life. This retrograde will bring emotional tensions to the surface, helping you nurture them with love and effort.