An airbnb in Costa Rica has an infinity lap pool surrounded by trees and bushes.
10 Airbnbs With Infinity Pools That'll Take Your Pics To Infinity And Beyond

I can’t wait to dive in.

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Raise your hand if you'd like to soak up the sun and relax in an IG-worthy pool all day long that’ll make you feel like you’re in one of the mansions on Selling Sunset. Well, you can totally make that happen by booking one of the best Airbnbs with infinity pools. Not only do infinity pools give you the ultimate place to chill on a hot summer day, but they also have stunning views that feel like they could go on forever and will instantly transport you to vacation mode.

With many unique types of vacation rentals to choose from — especially on Airbnb — it’s so easy to stay in a place that offers you something you could never get at home. If your vacation priority is breathtaking views and relaxation, an infinity pool Airbnb on the hillside or next to the ocean might be the way to go. The only problem is that you may never want to leave your rental. When you’re cooling off and soaking in some sun on a large inflatable while fruit smoothies are being blended in the kitchen, you’ve got paradise at your fingertips.

Instead of daydreaming about pool days, make it official by booking an infinity pool Airbnb ASAP. Just don't forget to pack some cute swimsuit outfit changes and a large inflatable for IG-worthy moments. After your photoshoot, you have nothing but time to truly have a splashing good vacay.

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This Jungle Villa Airbnb In Costa Rica


Welcome to the jungle where this five-acre Airbnb villa in Costa Rica exists. While you're soaking in the 45-foot infinity lap pool, you'll also enjoy gorgeous views of the jungle and ocean. There are even chairs built into the pool so you truly never have to leave.


This Mountain Airbnb Home In California


Invite your entire squad to come along for the fun in this four-bedroom home in California. The rental comfortably sleeps up to 10 guests and has plenty of space to explore. Though, you'll probably be spending most of your time enjoying the infinity pool in the backyard.


This Ocean-View Villa In Costa Rica


If you're looking for paradise, you've found it with this villa in Costa Rica. Not only does it have gorgeous views of the lush vegetation, but you can also see the ocean off in the distance. The best part of all is there will be absolutely nothing obstructing your view when you're lounging in the water.


This Private Jungle Refuge In Mexico


This utterly romantic jungle refuge in Valladolid, Mexico is both private and pretty. This one-bedroom cottage features a vibrant interior, and has gorgeous views of the greenery from all sides. The best part about this getaway, though, is the private plunge pool that looks like it stretches all the way into the jungle.


This Private Villa In Italy


You can't go wrong escaping to this gorgeous villa in Veneto, Italy. Not only does this stunning two bedroom home feature gorgeous views from every angle with floor-to-ceiling windows, but there’s also an infinity pool that allows you to gaze out over the scenery. Plus, since you’re so high up, you get an excellent view of the stars at night.


This Castle In Costa Rica


If you're torn between staying in a castle or a home with an infinity pool, you don't have to choose. This castle in Costa Rica has everything you need — and more. You'll feel like a princess while you enjoy the stunning views, relax in the hammock with some champagne, and soak in the infinity pool while looking out for local animals like toucans, geckos, and iguanas.


This Stunning Airbnb In Portugal


You won’t want to leave this rustic rental in the Portuguese countryside. On top of the nine bedrooms inside, the Airbnb also features a sprawling patio that you can relax on, when you aren’t in the infinity pool, of course. This infinity pool juts out over the Duoro River, and you can even watch Portugal’s stunning sunsets from it while you swim.


This Family-Friendly Airbnb In New York


You don’t even have to travel out of the country to experience this massive rental property near the Hamptons in New York. It’s family-friendly; in fact, only families can rent out this mansion, which sleeps up to 15 people. There’s a ton of space to play and explore, and the infinity pool has a beautiful lakeside view.


This Massive Airbnb In Greece


Grab your passport, because this villa in Greece is worth the trip overseas. Not only does it have an outdoor infinity pool that overlooks the water, but there's also an indoor pool for you to enjoy. Double the pools, double the fun.


This Luxury Airbnb Rental That Looks Out Over Los Angeles


Imagine waking up every morning on vacation and staring out over Los Angeles’s iconic hills and palm trees from this luxury open-air rental in the Hollywood Hills. The patio, loungers, and infinity pool are enough reason alone to want to stay here, but the interior is just as gorgeous. It also has a huge hot tub that you can soak in while you watch the LA lights.


This Luxurious Home In North Carolina


This private estate near Asheville is the perfect rental for big groups and family reunions. The house has room for up to 16 guests with six bedrooms, and it is situated on 40 acres of rolling green hills for you and your guests to explore. It also features a beautiful infinity pool, as well as an outdoor fireplace you can warm up beside after you take a nighttime dip.


This Mountainside Retreat in California


It may be hot in arid Topanga, California, but that’s even more reason to hop into the infinity pool at this mountainside Airbnb resort. Just outside of LA, this stunning retreat house has both ocean and mountain views, and you can open up the doors and windows for some fresh mountain air while you’re away from the city. Honestly with these views, you’ll never want to come home.

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