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Two friends laugh at inappropriate group chat names together.

100 Inappropriate Group Chat Names To Use For Your NSFW Convos

I can just hear Michael Scott saying, “That’s what she said.”

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With your besties, you can be your most authentic and unfiltered self. That’s why your text conversations are so open, and there’s no topic off the table with your group chat. You’ll discuss everything from dating horror stories to office gossip. For a chat that free, you’ll need some inappropriate group chat names to match it.

These inappropriate group chat names are not your grandmother’s group chat names. They’re more cheeky and fun than the sweet and simple group chat names you’d go for when naming your family chat. A lot of them are alcohol group chat names or punny group chat names that play on your favorite curse words. While they aren’t offensive, they can tread on the NSFW side, so you may also want to avoid using any of these inappropriate chat names for your work besties group chat. In short, this list of NSFW group chat names should be for your BFF crew only.

This is the group you share everything with after all, so you’re always brutally honest while also sharing the same sense of humor. Both those qualities are why you’ll be honest about which of these 100 inappropriate group chat names you prefer to use and which one makes you LOL the hardest. Once you have the perfect BFF group chat name all picked out, you can go back to dishing on what you did last Saturday night and spilling the tea you just heard.

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  1. My Main Beaches
  2. Sofa King Awesome
  3. Four Play
  4. Chamber Of Secrets
  5. About Last Friday Night
  6. Caution: Tea Is Scalding Hot
  7. Breast Friends
  8. Rosé All Day
  9. Wine Not
  10. Menace To Sobriety
  11. That’s What She Said — The Office
  12. I’ll Have What She’s Having — When Harry Met Sally
  13. Minx Mates
  14. Blood, Sweat, And Beers
  15. Hangovers Happen
  16. A Dumpster Fire
  17. Pretty Little Liars
  18. Sex In The City
  19. Adults Only
  20. Happy Hour Crew
  21. Sip Back And Relax
  22. We Like To Wine
  23. I Need Two Men On This — The Office
  24. I Got A Fine Glass
  25. Sip Happens
  26. You Can’t Sip With Us
  27. Alcohol You Later
  28. Stop And Smell The Rosé
  29. In The Spirit
  30. You Had Me At Merlot
  31. Hakuna Moscato
  32. Making Pour Decisions
  33. Let The Fun Be Gin
  34. Worth A Shot
  35. My Gin-credible Friends
  36. Party Starters
  37. Smells Like Team Spirit
  38. The Final Girls
  39. Don’t Worry Beer Happy
  40. Wish You Were Beer
  41. Born To Rum
  42. Tequila Made Us Do It
  43. World Shameless
  44. Dead On The Inside
  45. TikTok Made Me Do It
  46. A Vegetarian Missed Steak
  47. A Hot Mess
  48. Rather Be In Harry’s House
  49. We’re Not Shy
  50. A Little Faded
  51. Real Hot Girl Sh*t — Megan Thee Stallion
  52. There’s Some W****s In This House — Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion, “WAP”
  53. We Make Money Moves
  54. Don’t Try This At Home
  55. Always Thirsty
  56. Thots Only
  57. Warning: This Is A Thirst Trap
  58. Worth The Hype
  59. I’m A Savage — Megan Thee Stallion, “Savage”
  60. Smooth Like Butter — BTS, “Butter”
  61. Did Something Bad — Taylor Swift, “I Did Something Bad”
  62. Hot Shots
  63. Sheet-faced Ghosts
  64. Drinking With My Boos
  65. Hoppy Hour Crew
  66. We Got The Sauce
  67. We Twerk Well Together
  68. Hindsight Is 2020
  69. Pitcher Perfect Friends
  70. Our Milkshakes Bring All The Boys To The Yard
  71. We Got Whiskey’d Away
  72. Where My Beaches At?
  73. Twerk From Home Crew
  74. Whatever Twerks For You
  75. Getting Back To Twerk
  76. Meet Us At The Bar
  77. Resting Witch Face
  78. Don’t Show This To HR
  79. Let's Just Blow This Party Off — The Office
  80. Getting Our Sh*t Together
  81. Only Friends
  82. We Can Go All Day Long
  83. Master Debaters
  84. F*ck Off It’s Friday
  85. Hit Me Baby One S’More Time
  86. F*ck-offee
  87. We’re Just WTF-Ing
  88. Fresh Out Of F*cks
  89. You’ve Been Warned
  90. Calm Your Tweets
  91. For Fox Sake
  92. What The Fucculent
  93. We Ferment To Be
  94. We Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings
  95. May Contain Alcohol
  96. Bloody Good Brunch Crew
  97. Here For The Boos
  98. The Lime To My Margarita
  99. If You Seek Amy – Britney Spears, “If U Seek Amy”
  100. No, I Ain't F*ck Drake Yet – Lizzo, “Rumors”

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