A woman learns how to make the pizza salad from TikTok at home.

How To Make TikTok’s Pizza Salad Recipe For A Slice-Inspired Meal

This salad has a *pizza* my heart.

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Hearing that pizza salad is currently trending on TikTok may be a bit confusing to anyone not on the app. After all, how can one dish be both a pizza and a salad? Sure, you can top your pizza with tons of salad-like ingredients but this viral dish is actually salad that tastes just like a pizza. If you want to see if it lives up to the hype, here’s how to make the pizza salad from TikTok for yourself.

According to Sprout & Co (@sprout_and_co), who came up with this pizza salad recipe, this salad “tastes like a pizza” and is officially called the Tuscan. One bite with your eyes closed may have you convinced you just took a bite of a slice of pizza instead. While this recipe was shared back in July, thanks to TikToker @wishbonekitchen’s recent attempt at making this pizza salad at home, the pizza salad has a new life on the FYP. Many TikTokers have even tried to recreate this recipe for themselves, and while you can always put your own spin on it, you’ll first want to know how to make the pizza salad from TikTok for yourself with the OG recipe. Luckily, it’s not as hard as it may seem.

How To Make The Pizza Salad From TikTok


Of course, the pizza salad is a little bit more complicated than just a simple salad you might make with ingredients in your fridge. This salad does have a few steps that require some cooking and roasting, but it’s all worth it for the authentic pizza taste you’ll get from your salad.

First, you’ll want to roast some tomatoes with honey, fennel, olive oil, fresh oregano, and salt in your oven until you have a “blistering on top and amazing caramel on the bottom.” Next up, you’ll want to create the roasted garlic vinaigrette that will go on top of your pizza salad. For this, slow roast garlic cloves and place them in a blender with miso, dijon mustard, egg yolk, sherry vinegar, lemon, honey, salt, and pepper before mixing with some olive oil.

Additional toppings for your salad include roasted eggplant, garlic croutons, and almonds roasted with fennel, salt, and olive oil as well as a caper salsa. You’ll need a cutting board for this step. Chop up some red onion and parsley to mix together with your capers, and that’s your caper salsa.


Finally, you need your base, which for the Tuscan pizza salad will be kale. Finely chop your kale and place it in your bowl. Add on your caper salsa, almonds, croutons, eggplants, and garlic vinaigrette. Once everything is mixed all together, add your tomatoes on top with optional cheese, spicy chili, and oregano honey. Be sure to take a pic for the ‘Gram or video for TikTok before taking your first bite. You may even want to record yourself to capture your reaction as you judge whether it really tastes like pizza.

TikToker @wishbonekitchen is in the group that agrees that this pizza salad from TikTok does in fact taste like pizza and is “probably the best salad.” However, it does take a lot of dishes to make. If you are bad at cleaning up, just try Drew Barrymore’s take on the pizza salad, which is to scrape off the top of a pizza and place it on top of a pre-made salad. Voila!

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