Two women wondering how to make clothes look new again talk about products that restore clothes.
15 Products That Will Make Your Clothes Look Brand New Again

Keep your white clothes bright and stain-free.


There’s nothing worse than buying new clothes and watching them slowly lose their brightness, color, and shape due to washing. I used to literally avoid buying white clothes altogether, because every time I washed them in the machine, they’d turn this sort of dreary off-white gray color. You’re probably already repeating the solution in your head, which is, yes, to separate whites and colors when you’re washing clothes. However, if you’re wondering how to make clothes look new again, these products that restore clothes will work wonders for keeping them bright and stain-free.

When I had to pay for my laundry, I convinced myself that the separate laundry rule was more of a suggestion and never actually put it to practice. However, now that I have grown up and expanded my cleaning knowledge, I separate my colors every time I do the wash. I also added a few products to restore clothes into the mix to keep things looking extra fresh. The best way to think about it is like this: if you have a problem with one of your items (clothes, jackets, shoes, etc.), there’s probably been a solution invented to solve it. It’s amazing what you’ll find when you actually Google the issues you’re struggling with when it comes to keeping your clothes looking brand new, long after you first start wearing it. Take it from someone who spent a long time just ignoring stains, spots, and distress on my favorite items: there are solutions!

Below, here are 15 unique cleaning items, products that restore clothes, and more that will keep everything you own looking as sparkly-new as the day you bought it.

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This Battery-Operated Lint Remover

Pilling is one of the most annoying things to deal with with your favorite sweaters and shirts. Instead of accepting the pills or discarding the item all together, try this battery-operated de-fuzzer. It boasts nearly 100,000 reviews from shoppers who say it’s oddly satisfying to use and actually works to refresh tired items and will have them look brand spanking new again.


This TikTok-Viral Pet Hair Remover

If you ever watched a CleanTok video where someone was removing mounds of piled-up pet hair, chances are they were probably using this pet hair remover with over 111,000 five-star ratings. This remover will last you for life, and you don’t need any refill sticky papers or batteries to operate it. Simply run it over the area with hair and then open the chamber to remove it when you’re done. Get ready for a pet hair-free existence.


This Handheld Steamer for Wrinkle-Free Clothes

Do you avoid linen fabric every summer because you’re trapped in a cycle or perpetual wrinkles? Bust out your favorite lightweight fabric because this steamer is about to change your life. Nearly 74,000 reviewers agree it’s life changing, easy to use, and you’ll reach for it more than you think.


This Set Of Laundry Mesh Bags

Have you ever thrown a bra or underwear in the wash only to have it come out looking like it’s been through war? That’s because delicates need extra protection when being washed in standard washing machines. These mesh bags will help your luxury or delicate items stay looking new after each wash cycle.


This Portable Lint Remover

I love a handy product that fits directly into drawers or pockets and doesn’t need any batteries or electricity to operate. That’s why this portable lint remover is my go-to. Simply run it along fabrics gently to pick up excess lint, to remove pilling, and restore clothes.


This Boot Cleaner That Targets Salt Stains

In the winter, salt is not your friend. Even though it will help keep you from slipping when icy conditions hit, it’s also about to ruin your favorite pair of boots. Well, it used to ruin your favorite pair of boots. This boot cleaner comes with 15 wipes that you can keep easily in your bag and run over your suede shoes when you notice that white, murky buildup.


This Dry Cleaner In A Stick For Spot Treating

Shoppers say this product helped them target grease stains that even the dry cleaners couldn’t sift out, making it one of the best products to make clothes look new again. Simply rub the stick product on the stain, then brush off the excess powder with the included brush.


These On-the-Go Stain Wipes

Whether you realize you left the house with massive deodorant stains or have an unexpected wine drop fall onto your new blouse, these stain wipes that you can keep in your purse will eliminate anything that dares to disrupt your day.


This Shoe Cleaner With Brush

Just like I used to avoid buying white clothes, I also used to avoid buying white sneakers. I live in New York City, where a quick walk to get lunch can turn into your shoes looking like you just braved a sticky marsh. Luckily, this shoe cleaner comes with a durable and effective brush that perfectly pairs with the cleaning solution to cut your cleaning time in half.


This Spot Remover That Eliminates Makeup, Sauce Stains, And More

Don’t stress about smudging makeup on your favorite white shirt ever again; just keep this Grandma’s Secret spot remover on deck. Over 24,000 five-star reviewers call it the “best stain remover ever.” Plus, you can even use it on your chairs, couches, and rugs.


This Set of Sweater Combs

Sweaters are one of the hardest items to keep looking like new, which is why this set of sweater combs is so genius. All you have to do is run them gently along fabric wherever you see pilling. It works on wool coats, blankets, cashmere, and more.


This In-Wash Tool for Pet Hair Removal

Instead of removing hair bit by bit on each piece of clothing, throw this hair-absorbing tool directly into your washing machine with dirty clothes. When you remove it, you’ll find all the hair that was stuck to your clothes is now on the device. Over 3,500 people agree these hair removal laundry balls make their lives easier when it comes to living with pets.


This Whitening Booster for White Clothes

Like I’ve said many times in this article, figuring out how to care for my white clothing has been a journey to say the least. However, I have discovered the OxiClean is actually super powerful to gently lift stains. If you follow any vintage shop owners on TikTok, you also know that they use this magic powder to help lift set-in stains on delicate items. When it comes to keeping whites bright, pick up a white-specific OxiClean like this one. Over 16,000 reviewers call it life-changing.


This Fabric Conditioner That Does The Work In-Wash

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent your entire life hearing about fabric conditioner but never actually understanding what it does or if it’s necessary. Fabric conditioner is designed to soften fibers in your clothing or towels to help keep them extra fluffy. However, fabric conditioner or softener doesn’t actually clean your clothes, so it’s used in tandem with detergent. This one from Gain Botanicals is a great option to reach for. It helps keep t-shirts and other items feeling ultra soft to the touch and can help the fabric appear newer longer.


This Steamer for Stubborn Wrinkles

An iron can be way too harsh on silk tops or mesh bodysuits. Instead of taking a hot metal plate to your items, consider steaming them for gentle wrinkle release. This will keep your clothes refreshed and looking like new because you won’t have to harshly press wrinkles out of them and risk damage to delicate fabrics.