Nick and Vanessa Lachey are working with's Cuffing Season Stay giveaway to give new coupl...'s Cuffing Season Stay Giveaway Is Giving Couples $5K

Love Is Blind’s Nick and Vanessa Lachey hand-picked the properties.

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‘Tis the season — cuffing season that is. As the weather starts to cool down and with the holidays right around the corner, being in a relationship is more appealing than ever. During cuffing season, you may feel the need to get yourself boo’d up. If you happen to be in a new relationship, you can enter’s cuffing season stay giveaway.

One of the cutest couples in Hollywood, Love is Blind hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey, are teaming up with to give five lucky couples the chance to go on a dreamy weekend getaway. Each couple will get to stay at one of five Cuffing Season Stays chosen by the Lacheys based on their answers to the sweepstakes. Vanessa Lachey argues that “Traveling together is one of the quickest ways to tell whether you’re compatible with someone,” and these weekend getaways for cuffing season will give you a chance to learn more about your partner. As Vanessa says, “It’s the ultimate chemistry test.” If you and your partner think you’re up for the challenge, here’s how to enter Cuffing Season Stays giveaway.

How To Enter Cuffing Season Stays Giveaway

This sweepstakes is only open for couples who have been together for six month or less, so this truly is for those who have been bitten by the cuffing season bug. If that’s you, just enter the Cuffing Season Stays entry form that includes your basic info like name, email, and partner’s info. You will also need a Rewards member ID, but it’s free to join. As part of the entry, you’ll need to submit a photo of yourselves and share the top three things you would like to do on vacay together as well. This could be exploring a new city, eating tons of Insta-worthy food, or just relaxing while learning more about each other.

The entry form will be available until Nov. 10, and if you’re chosen, you’ll hear back around Nov. 25.

What Do You Win With The Cuffing Season Stays Giveaway?

Winners, who will be chosen at random, will receive a $2,500 gift card to use on their weekend getaway. In addition to that, you and your partner will both receive Rewards Gold status for a year, which can get you amazing discounts and deals on vacations and hotel stays.

Based on your answers from the entry form, you will also be paired up with one of five Cuffing Season Stays in the U.S. These hotels range from Los Angeles to Miami Beach, and according to spokesperson, Melanie Fish, the travel site “worked with Nick and Vanessa to handpick hotels that match the characteristics of couples they’ve encountered as hosts of [Love is Blind and The Ultimatum].”

If you happen to make it through cuffing season together, you also have a chance to double your prize. Couples will be contacted around Valentine’s Day 2023, and if they can prove they’re still together with a new photo, they’ll be given an additional $2,500. That means you’ll end up with $5,000 in gift cards.

Where Are The Cuffing Season Stays?

Each one of the Cuffing Season Stays for the giveaway are for a specific kind of couple. The first is for power couples “who want to see and be seen,” so of course, they’ll be staying at The Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles. This historic hotel located right in the heart of Hollywood has had some famous guests throughout the years like Marilyn Monroe herself. While you’re there, you’ll want to lounge by the pool, order a vintage cocktail from the bar, and venture out to see the city.

If luxury is more your thing, there is the Nobu Hotel in Miami Beach that has gorgeous views of the ocean from their private beach and a spa. You could also lounge by the pool here and just take it easy as you’re getting to know your partner even more. Of course, there’s also the Miami nightlife. However, for partygoers, suggests the Aria Resort in Las Vegas. You can really take advantage of the nightlife by visiting different clubs and restaurants. In fact, Vegas is a great place for foodies with all the buffets. You could even use this trip as an excuse to go to a concert as there are so many Vegas residences, from Usher to Katy Perry.

Perhaps you want everything mentioned above and more. For “have it all types,” recommends Refinery Hotel in NYC. The “city that never sleeps” offers so much for you and your partner to do in one weekend trip that you may even need to skip out on sleep to see it all. However, if rushing around isn’t your vibe as a new couple, you can keep it cool with a trip to Wicker Park Inn in Chicago. According to, this hotel on the Northwest side gives you a chance to explore the city at your own pace. Keep it chill as you go to a local restaurant for pizza or go shopping to treat yourselves. It’s truly up to you. The first step is, of course, entering the Cuffing Season Stays giveaway. Here’s to hoping you not only win but stay together long enough for that $5,000.

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