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Here’s How To Apply To Disney’s TikTok Job For The Most Magical Gig Of All

Making TikToks for a living? Yes, please.

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Would you consider the Disney Parks to be your happy place? Would you also say you love scrolling through your TikTok FYP when you have some downtime? Well, if you said yes to both, your dream job may waiting for you at one of the Disney Parks. The “happiest place on Earth” recently posted a video about an opening, and here’s how to apply to the Disney Parks’ TikTok account job.

On Jan. 3, the Disney Parks’ TikTok account posted a video titled “Job Alert” announcing that they’re looking for a new content creator to join their team. In the video, cast members showcase just what it takes and the “many hats you might have to wear” as a Disney Parks’ TikToker. Of the skills listed, Disney is looking for people who “love all things Disney” and are risk takers. If you have seen almost every single Disney movie and have visited both Space and Splash Mountain, you can definitely check off Disney-loving risk taker from the list. The TikTok also mentions being a “food connoisseur,” which is perfect for anyone who loves a Mickey-shaped waffle, ice cream bar, or pretzel and is always down to try the latest Disney snack you see on Insta.

Some other skills required include being a “creative storyteller” and having a “goofy attitude.” You’ve definitely got these nailed down if you’ve ever made a storytime TikTok or participated in a LOL-worthy trend on the app. So, now that you’ve passed the basic requirements, how do you officially apply to the Disney Parks’ TikTok job?


While the TikTok video says that the details to the job are posted in the comments, they can’t be found there or in the link posted to the account’s bio. However, there’s no need to worry or cry like you did watching the first five minutes of Up, as there seems to be two other job postings for the same title, Social Media Content Coordinator, on the Disney Careers site. There is a posting for the Anaheim (Disneyland) and Orlando (Walt Disney World) Disney Parks’ locations, so depending on where you’re located, you can apply to one or the other. Of course, if you’re willing to travel for your dream job, you can also apply to both.

Other than the location, the two Social Media Content Coordinator job postings seem to be identical and state that the candidate chosen will be “responsible for developing and influencing social media strategies and tactics” for the Disney Parks’ team. A requirement of the role is to also be an “avid user of various social platforms, especially TikTok,” so if you’ve tried a baked feta pasta or fallen down a rabbit hole of MCU fan theories, you’re ready to apply. The job itself is temporary and will last 12 months, and you’ll be working about 29 hours per week on average. That gives you plenty of time to explore the parks on your own time.


Other responsibilities include creating content for the Disney brand and products, while staying on top of current trends. So, if you’ve created your own trendy Disney TikToks by dancing in front of Cinderella Castle or using a viral sound over your foodie videos, you’ve got this. It’ll also help if you have the following:

  • Experience in social media marketing
  • Can edit a video
  • Basic photography skills
  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Can work in a group
  • Open to feedback
  • A passion for the Disney parks

If you nodded your head to all of the above, what are you waiting for? Get your resume and cover letter all situated and apply today! As Lizzie McGuire would say (or rather, sing), “this is what dreams are made for.”