Join the Planters team and apply to be a Peanutter for competitive pay and a 401(k).

Get Paid To Travel Around The US In The Planters Nutmobile With This Dream Job

This nutty gig even has a 401(k).

by Andrea Hannah

Get ready to hit the road this summer in one of the world’s most iconic vehicles: the Nutmobile. Planters is hiring three lucky college grads to become Peanutters, driving the mobile across the country for media outreach and community events. And the best part? It pays a competitive salary with benefits and a 401(k). Here’s how to apply to this Planters Nutmobile job that you simply can-nut miss

Grads hired for the job will spend an entire year driving the iconic Nutmobile. They’ll drive this 26-foot-long peanut on wheels to communities all over the United States to celebrate sticking together through the last couple of nutty years. Peanutters will stop at communities to participate in events, and do media outreach with local radio, TV, and newspaper stations. Plus, they’ll get to chauffer Mr. Peanut around to promote the Planters brand and participate in volunteer experiences.

This temporary, full-time position starts in June 2022 and goes until June 2023. You’ll start with a month-long training session, and then you and your fellow Peanuttters will hit the road together until the following summer. For your time on the Nutmobile, you’ll receive a competitive base salary plus bonus, medical, dental, and vision insurance, a non-contributory pension, profit sharing plan, 401(k), stock purchase plan, and so much more.

Courtesy of Planters

While it’s been a long tradition, this will be the first class of Peanutters they’ll send out to celebrate the local communities they visit during their travels since Hormel acquired the brand. This job requires a 40-hour work week, but the days and times in which you work are flexible. For example, one day of your work week might include driving to get to your next destination, while another day may be used for an event appearance, media promotion, or administrative work.

Ready to go nuts and join the newest class of Peanutters? Here are some of the requirements to apply:

  • Be a recent college grad with a bachelor’s degree. It helps if your degree is in sales and marketing, but any grad can apply. Experience in communications, advertising, and public relationships is also preferred.
  • Desire to travel and a yearning for adventure. Proficiency in nut puns is a major plus.

You’ll also need a resume, cover letter and short video describing why you would make the perfect Peanutter.

Applications are open from now until Jan. 24. To submit your materials and learn more about the job, visit www.beapeanutter.com. After you upload your resume, you’ll also need to submit a 30-45 second video describing why you were made to be a Peanutter. Planters wants to see your creativity, so be sure to show off your personality (and don’t forget the nut puns). When you’re finished, you can upload your video at https://www.hormelfoods.com/peanutter-audition/.

If you want a closer look at the Nutmobile you’ll be driving across the country, visit requestthenutmobile.com. You can also follow along on the big peanut’s cross-country journey on Instagram (@plantersnutmobileofficial) and Twitter (@NUTmobile_Tour).