How Every Zodiac Sign Can Get More Joy From Their Holiday Festivities

by BDG Studios

You know that moment at the office holiday party when your boss transforms from the star of your 11 p.m. work text nightmares to an actual human, who’s maybe even… fun? It’s a magical occasion that can only be sparked by festive feels and, probably, champagne.

While, yes, we love those spontaneous vibes for your Virgo Rising boss, she shouldn’t be the only one living her best life this holiday szn. A suggestion: This year, turn the volume all the way up on that sweet, sweet holiday spirit with some help from the stars — and maybe a little bubbly.

Whether its popping a bottle of André Champagne with your Nana (get it, Cancer!) or getting the hell out of town (hi, Sag!), these astrology-based ways to break your holiday traditions — or just make them spicier — can spark more uninhibited joy. And isn’t that something we could all use right about now? (Spoiler: It definitely is.)

So let’s get after it, shall we? Below, you’ll find kind-of-genius suggestions for zhuzhing up your basic holiday plans based on your zodiac’s sun sign. From a fun new party theme to all-night karaoke, we promise 2022’s Friendsgiving, obligatory family gathering, or any given Tuesday in December will be your best one yet. Cheers!


Secret Santa is cute and all, but wouldn’t it be more fun with an impromptu round of holiday-themed charades post-presents? Don’t act like you’re not secretly plotting your winning strategy already. Get your game face on, twist and pop a bottle of André Brut (the official bubbs of just because), and bust out the red cups. It’s on.


As a fan of delicious things, getting creative, and being practical as hell, it’s time to finally throw the holiday cookie decorating party of your dreams. Nope, it’s not fancy, but that doesn’t make it any less tasty. Chill a bottle of André Extra Dry — also tasty, minus the pinkies-out fancy vibes of other champagnes — and prepare to get frosty with your friends (as in cookies, not the snowman).


Tis the season to catch up with old friends, and this is the perfect moment for you to reach out to your work wife from your last job. Make plans (that you won’t actually cancel) to split a bottle in your sweatpants, gossip about Karen from accounting, and stimulate that never-not-active brain with the murder documentary you’ve been texting each other about.


You love family time and we love to see it. This year, come to Nana’s bearing bottles and bust one open. See if you can get her her to spill a saucy story or two over bubbly, even if you refuse to do the same, you crustacean you.


“I hate when people pay attention to me,” said no Leo ever. Lean into those look-at-me feels by hosting a New Year’s Eve karaoke party where you can belt out your most impressive tune. Might we suggest ending your number with a champagne shower?


Party planning, strategizing non-awkward family activities, intense online holiday shopping. You’ve. Done. Enough. Plan a night off and spend some quality time with your pretty decor, favorite feel-good holiday movie, and a glass of André in your fanciest coup, or your most accessible party cup. (Trust: It’s great in both.)


We all love pretty things, but you turn shopping into an art form. Put those skills to use browsing the racks for yourself. Better yet, sit near your fireplace (or that streaming fireplace show) while you sip and shop the interwebs on your phone with a glass of something bubbly in hand. You! Are! Luxury!


As the go-getter of the zodiac, you might already be doing this, but if not, it’s time to throw an epic holiday bash. Yes, this means you pick the playlist (obviously), but it also means you have the power to kick the fun level up a few notches by making it a pajama and pearl themed soirée, complete with champagne flutes.


You’re basically allergic to tradition, Sag. So let’s take your holiday experience on the road. Whether it’s a day trip to a touristy little town nearby or booking tickets abroad, toast to thriving in the New Year before packing your bags.


The same ol’ same ol’ is always OK with you, Cap. But what if you started a new tradition this year? Find a new game (name that holiday tune, anyone?) to bring to your friend’s annual holiday bash, or bring back one from holidays past to give everyone a dose of those good, good nostalgic feels.


Yep, you’re a real one. Always willing to hold a door, dog sit, or park your friend’s car on the other side of the street when they’re out of town, you wouldn’t be happy celebrating the season of giving without, um, giving it your all. Make your philanthropy a little more fun this year by buying a round for some strangers at a bar or a coffee for the person behind you in line. Thank you for your service.


You’re constantly torn between doing the realistic thing or the dreamy one. Take a break from the seasonal chaos by doing both. Get cozy in your favorite coffee shop or just your bed and crack open a new sci-fi or fantasy novel. We won’t tell if your water bottle has a little “not water” in it. *wink*