Madison Square Garden made exclusive Harry Styles themed snacks for his “Love On Tour" Residency” co...

You Can Get Harry Styles-Themed Rainbow Snacks At His Love On Tour Residency

Catch a “sugar high” with these colorful treats.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

ICYMI, Harry Styles is heading to Madison Square Garden for 15 live Love On Tour concerts this August, and he’s definitely bringing tons of sweet flavor to the heart of New York City. To really transform the iconic venue into “Harry’s House,” fans will be able to purchase special Harry-themed sweets and snacks for a taste of that “sugar high” he’s been singing about. Unsurprisingly, Harry Styles' Love On Tour food at Madison Square Garden looks like a taste of the rainbow with ‘Gram-worthy treats you won’t want to miss.

If you were able to snag tickets to this special lineup of concerts, you should look forward to singing all night to Styles’ most popular ballads and dance hits, slaying your colorful outfit (feather boas are basically mandatory), and letting loose like you’re a house party — a Harry’s House-party, to be specific. It wouldn't be a Harry Styles event if the high vibe wasn’t as vibrant as a rainbow, and that includes the food.

Throughout Styles’ residency from Aug. 20 to Sept. 21, Madison Square Garden will be treating Harry’s house guests to a special selection of treats inspired by the singer’s aesthetic and bold fashion choices. Between belting out songs like “Music For A Sushi Restuarant” and “Adore You,” you can run to the snack stand and stock up on themed goodies, from rainbow-salted pretzels to feather boa cotton candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar.

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You can also grab heavenly rainbow tie-dye cupcakes from Baked By Melissa or assorted rainbow sour candies from Dylan’s Candy Bar to fuel your night of fun. These exclusive snacks are so cute and on-brand that you’ll obviously have to pose with them in hand when you and your besties take selfies at the show. Chances are, between the feathers, rainbow swirls, and sugary sparkle, the food will match your outfit anyway. Madison Square Garden will also be serving Harry fans a birthday cake cookie from Last Crumb called “HIP HIP HARRAH,” which you’ll likely be yelling during the concert.

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If you expected less from a Harry Styles show, you should know that his fans don’t accept anything “As It Was,” just like the trailblazing pop singer. Harry’s been building up to this special residency performance since his One Direction days at Madison Square Garden, so these shows will absolutely be a party to remember as the whole stadium celebrates together. Chances are the sea of fans in the crowd will look just as colorful and fabulous as these exclusive snacks.