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Sorority sisters in the same pledge class look at their phones and decide on group chat names.

90 Group Chat Names For Your Pledge Class You'll Be Omega Fan Of

Keepin’ it classy with the right name.

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When Bid Day finally rolls around, you’re not only joining a sorority house, but also gaining a bunch of new sisters. While going through initiation, you and your fellow pledge class members have gotten so much closer to each other. You may even have a group chat going on to keep everyone in the know as you make plans for the year. Since your convos are anything but basic, you’ll need some creative group chat names for your pledge class to update your thread.

By now, you know that every group chat you have on your phone needs a unique name. Not only does it help to keep the convo organized, but the right name can also really set the tone. When picking out a sorority group chat name, you’ve got to find one that matches your tribe’s vibe. For instance, if you and your fellow sisters are already starting to make inside jokes, you’ll want a funny group chat name that will make you LOL every time you get a notification. On the flip side, a sweet sorority chat name might be more your style if you already feel such a strong connection to your fellow sisters.

The process of choosing a group chat name that works for you can be a fun bounding experience, so send your sisters this list of 90 pledge class group chat names to decide on. Once you have a solid chat going, you’ll feel more comfortable sharing sorority secrets and spilling sorori-tea with each other.

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  1. Sisters For Life
  2. Sister Act
  3. Pledge Class Is In Session
  4. Sorori-tea Time
  5. House It Going?
  6. Hey Soul Sisters
  7. My Nu Sisters
  8. You Can't Sit With Us — Mean Girls
  9. It’s All Greek To Us
  10. Sorori-terrific
  11. Omega Fan Of My Pledge Class
  12. Sister Squad
  13. Mermaid To Be Sisters
  14. Home Sweet Home
  15. Sisterhood Of The Traveling Texts
  16. Rushing Into Sisterhood
  17. Campus Cuties
  18. Beta Than Any Other Class
  19. What A Rush
  20. Nacho Average Sisters
  21. We’re Feeling Phi-ne
  22. We've Got Class
  23. Pledge Classy
  24. Mu Fave Sisters
  25. The Heathers On Campus
  26. With Mu People
  27. Phi Love My Pledge Class
  28. Living In The Mu-ment
  29. Kappa Diem
  30. The Chamber Of Secrets
  31. Orange You Glad To Be My Sisters
  32. Beta-ful Pledge Class
  33. Phi Love Mu Class
  34. A Bunch Of Littles
  35. Shrimply The Best Class
  36. Sister Bonding Time
  37. Life Of Phi
  38. Best Fries Forever
  39. Instant Besties
  40. Keeping Up With The Pledge Class
  41. Pledge Classy And Sassy
  42. Sisters With Class
  43. Keep It Pledge Classy
  44. Modern Family
  45. Nonstop Notifications
  46. Phi Love You
  47. Beta Got Back
  48. Over The MUn
  49. We Need A Kappa-ccino
  50. Kind Of A Big Dill
  51. Gouda Pledge Class
  52. Turtle-y Awesome Pledge Class
  53. Egg-cited Sisters
  54. Party Thyme
  55. My Sistars!
  56. Purrfect Sisters
  57. Sisters By Heart
  58. Berry Good Pledge Class
  59. Love A Latte
  60. Words Cannot Espresso
  61. OOTD Dump
  62. Doughnut Worry About Initiation
  63. Feeling A Bit Rushed
  64. A Pizza My Heart
  65. Grape Pear Of Sisters
  66. Snaps For Us
  67. On Wednesdays We Wear Our Letters
  68. Let’s Get Little
  69. How Sweet It Is To Be Greek
  70. Screenshots Or It Didn’t Happen
  71. One In A Watermelon
  72. The Golden Girls
  73. Full House
  74. The Dream Team
  75. Sisterly Love
  76. You Can't Text With Us
  77. The Chosen Ones
  78. We Grow Together
  79. We Went Greek
  80. Sis Code
  81. We’re All In This Together — High School Musical
  82. Tall Class Of Water
  83. The Sorority Meme Team
  84. Campus Quad Squad
  85. This Class is A+
  86. The Proud Family
  87. Pledge Class Circle
  88. Lava My Pledge Class
  89. My Chosen Family
  90. Sisters With Something To Say