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Relatable Group Chat Memes To Send To Your Crew ASAP For Some Serious LOLs

Earn your title of meme queen of the chat.

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An active group chat can keep you busy throughout the day. Whether you’re texting with your BFFs, your siblings, or your work crew, the group chat is where you talk, make plans, and most importantly share funny memes. You may be so active in your chat that sending some relatable group chat memes is sure to get a few laughs out of your friends.

While the discussions may vary from group to group, there are some things that are universally similar in all group chats. For one, most text convos have those people who keep up with what’s going on but very rarely do they add to the conversation. There’s also the people who are most active in the chat and constantly sending group chat memes and hilarious TikTok videos. Of course, if your chat is constantly blowing up with notifications, you can relate to the group chat memes about having to read through seemingly endless texts after setting your phone down for the day.

Sure, not all of these group chat memes may relate to your specific chat, but you’re sure to find one or two that you’ll want to share with your crew as soon as you see it. So, feel free to share a group chat meme with your texting buddies to really brighten their day.

Group Chat Memes About Those People Who Read But Rarely Respond

It can be hard keeping up with an active group chat, so it’s totally understandable that there are some people who are just there to read. You know they’re an active member of the group chat even if they’re not texting all the time. In fact, they’ll still chime in for the important discussions and be there for the IRL hangs that you planned in the chat. They’re just not constantly sending GIF reactions, and that’s OK. They may enjoy these group chat memes about lurkers even if they don’t text “lol” back.

Group Chat Memes About The Most Active Members Of The Chat

The opposite of the lurker in the group is the person who is always texting the group chat. They may respond to everything said in the text convo and keep you up to date on what they’re doing daily. The most active member may even be the one who sends the most memes to the group chat. However, since they’re so active, they may also feel like no one is responding to what they’re saying, which means they’ll relate to these group chat memes.

Group Chat Memes About Making Plans In The Chat

You don’t just hang out in the group chat; you also want to make plans to hang IRL. However, making plans in the group chat can sometimes seem like the hardest puzzle to solve. The struggle can be real with so many schedules and different opinions on what to eat for dinner, movies to watch on Netflix, or cafes to grab a coffee at. If you constantly struggle to make plans with your crew, you’ll relate to these group chat memes.

Group Chat Memes About Very Active Group Chats That Are Always Texting

If you’re a part of a very active chat, you can leave your phone for a second and come back to what feels like a million notifications. If you’re someone who doesn’t always keep their phone on them, it can feel like reading through a novel when you do check the chat again. Even if you are active in the chat but missed a big convo or fell asleep too early, you’ll relate to a few of these group chat memes.

Group Chat Memes For The Hero Of The Chat

For all those winning moments in the chat, you’ll love these hilarious memes. They cover the moments when you share a joke so good that everyone is LOLing and when you’re posting some quality content that relates to the current convo.