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These golf Instagram captions will pair perfect with those OOTD posts at the course.

45 Instagram Captions For Golf That’ll Be A Real Hole-In-One On Your Feed

Tee up your next Insta post.

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Whether you've just started playing golf or have become a regular at the course, one thing is undeniably true: you have plenty of pictures of your golf OOTDs and swing shots patiently waiting in your camera roll to be posted on the 'Gram. The only thing that’s stopping you from posting those snaps right away is not having enough funny golf captions ready to go. After all, you need the right Instagram captions for golf to go along with all your pictures of you taking a swing at the start of the course with your driver or chilling in the golf cart with your clubs.

Thankfully, these golf Instagram captions are guaranteed to be par for the course with whatever pic you’ve got. Even if your followers don't know all the rules of the game, they’ll enjoy these clever captions and golf puns. Plus, a little birdie may have revealed that these funny golf captions are so tee-riffic that they’ll work for any golf-related scenario as well. That includes those dates you go on with your partner to the local mini golf course as well as those Sundays with your fam on the green. Whatever moment you’ve captured, you’ll be able to post ASAP, thanks to the puns and clever phrases tucked in below.

Whichever one you decide to choose, your Instagram post will be a slam dunk. Wait, that's not right. *Clears throat.* They'll be a hole-in-one and a true shoutout to your perfect game.

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  1. "Just in case you needed proof that I've got game."
  2. "You have to work a little, to (golf) ball a lot."
  3. "I've got some game."
  4. "Working on my swing this weekend. How about you?"
  5. "Does this perfect swing go with my outfit?"
  6. "Playing mini golf and practicing for the big leagues."
  7. "Having a (golf) ball whenever I'm with you."
  8. "Gone golfing, be back later."
  9. "Becoming besties with the sand traps."
  10. "Pro golf tip: Don't lose your ball in the water."
  11. "Feeling like Jessica Day when she's trying to network on the golf course."
  12. "I'm just here for the snacks at the clubhouse."
  13. "Do you think my skill levels will transfer from Wii Sports?"
  14. "You're the best person to golf with by par."
  15. "I like big putts and I cannot lie."
  16. "Mark me down for a birdie."
  17. "A little birdie told me..."
  18. "I like long, romantic rides in the golf cart."
  19. "One hole down, eight more to go."
  20. "The cutest caddy in the entire world."
  21. "Now accepting trophies for my golf skills."
  22. "Let's go on more dates that require putting greens and golf clubs."
  23. "Another day, another golf ball that I'll never see again."
  24. "Is it time for me to pull out my iron? Be honest."
  25. "Wedging myself between the good vibes and good company."
  26. "Serving cute golf skirts 24/7."
  27. "A day on the golf course is a day well spent."
  28. "There she goes, playing golf and crushing it again."
  29. "That ball is gone with the wind."
  30. "Today was totally up to par."
  31. "Did you see that? It was tee-rrific!"
  32. "Putt, putt, and away."
  33. "I like the mini version of golf most of all."
  34. "My Instagram Story saw this putt first."
  35. “Does this outfit make me look like a golfer?”
  36. “Never fore-get this swing.”
  37. “I like to go clubbing… on the golf course.”
  38. “It takes a lot of balls to golf the way I do.”
  39. “May the course be with you.”
  40. “Do you like my outfit? Asking fore a friend.”
  41. “Putter late than never.”
  42. “This is my cup of tee.”
  43. “Let’s par-tee!”
  44. “Sometimes, you’ve got to just green and bear it.”
  45. “Shut up and drive.” — Rihanna, “Shut Up and Drive”

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