Gold and white Christmas trees in a living room are the trendy way to go this holiday season, accord...
White & Gold Christmas Trees For 2022 Are Trending, Experts Say

Even Kim Kardashian is in on the luxe look.

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With Thanksgiving officially in the rearview mirror, almost everyone can agree it’s time to deck the halls. While you can always start small with some stockings on your mantel or a wreath on your front door, it doesn’t truly feel like Christmas until you’ve got your tree put up. For an Insta-worthy home for the holidays, experts and TikTokers agree that white and gold Christmas trees for holiday 2022 are the way to go.

Of course, you may have Christmas traditions that include decorating your tree the same way each year, but to spruce things up, you might want to trade in your festive green tree for a white and gold one. It’s the luxe aesthetic that is as bougie as Kim Kardashian’s Christmas trees. On the flip side, if you’re keeping it budget-friendly with the same tree you’ve had since you were little, you can turn to your FYP for how to decorate your Christmas tree in a trendy new way. That could mean going to the store to pick up some ornaments and ribbon to make your green tree look white and gold.

Elite Daily spoke exclusively with Mandi Clark, the Director of Trend & Design at Michaels, who shared some tips on how to achieve the “two notable versions” of white Christmas trees that are trending this year — because they couldn’t be more different. “The first aims to create a post-worthy glamour moment and the next is a soft connection to nature,” according to Clark. With Clark’s style tips and inspo from TikTok on how to decorate a white Christmas tree with golden accents, you’ll be feeling the spirit of the season in no time.

Start Off With A Snow-Covered Christmas Tree

One way to get the white and gold look this year is to start with a snow-covered Christmas tree. TikToker @denisenoemi00 demonstrates just how majestic a white Christmas tree looks when covered with a mix of white and gold ornaments. It’s easy when your base tree looks like something out of a holiday movie, and there are plenty of faux snow Christmas trees to shop online or at the store.

However, you can also learn how to flock a Christmas tree that you already have at home. All you need is a spray bottle full of water and a bag of snow flock, according to TikToker @kristyncole.

Use Gold And White Branches For “Cozy Boho Vibes”

Don’t just go for the obvious gold and white ball ornaments when decorating your tree. Pretty much everything that is gold and white in the Christmas decor aisle is up for grabs. A creative way to add dimension to your tree is to stick some gold and white twigs and branches to the top, like TikToker @classychristmas4 does. Just a few of these gold glitter branches ($2 from Michaels) placed in between the branches of your tree can not only make it look fuller but more colorful.

Clark revealed that “soft gold” decor with your neutral white tree “is rooted in nature and seeks to bring cozy boho vibes from the outdoors to the inside” as well. She added, “This look appears fresh this season when highlighted with pampas grass and natural wood elements,” so you might want to pick up some of that as well on your next shopping trip.

Add Dimension To Your Ornaments For A Bridgerton Feel

Instead of using plain white and gold ornaments, have a DIY moment and decorate them with glitter and beads. TikToker Amy Gordon from Oh La La Decor demonstrates how to make Christmas tree ornaments unique by showing different 3D options.

The stunning display of this tree is also reminiscent of one of the white Christmas tree trends Clark shared. “The current popular interest in regency romance drives the desire to marry the opulence of the distant past with current modern styling,” she says. You have Bridgerton to thank for this aesthetic, and “indulgent materials like pearls, crystals, velvets and feathers [are] now mixed with smooth, snow-dusted, icy details and high-shine gold to provide a sophisticated, refreshing aesthetic for your home.”

Need some Christmas tree decorating tips? Clark suggests “adding dreamy iridescent finishes to this look for a futuristic ‘northern-lights’ twist to this look.”

Try White With Golden Accents
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Instead of an equal mix of white and gold ornaments, you could try this take from TikToker @farahjmerhi, who uses mainly white Christmas tree decor with some golden accents. If you go with yellow or gold Christmas tree lights ($5, Lowe’s), lean heavily on white ornaments. Include a few with some golden details like this ornament from Crate & Barrel ($40) with a silver and gold net.

Of course, if you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, you may have seen Kim Kardashian’s Christmas trees she shared in her Instagram Stories. For a simple and chic look, take inspo and go for just an all-white Christmas tree.

Weave In Gold And White Ribbon

Adding ribbon is always a creative way to decorate a Christmas tree. There are so many different techniques too. For anyone new and wondering how to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon, you could drape it around like you would garland or use it to make oversized bows. A third way to put ribbon on a Christmas tree is to weave it in vertically like TikToker @watchciwork does. Alternate between white and gold ribbon for your trendy tree.

Top Off Your Tree With A Gold And White Bow

Traditionally, you’d add an angel or star to the top of your Christmas tree, but this year, you might want to DIY a trendy bow. To match the presents under your tree, create an oversized gold and white bow to place on top. TikToker @hauteofftherack utilized ribbon along with some of the faux glitter branches, which looks bougie AF.

TikTok is also a great resource if DIY bows seem difficult. There are so many videos that show you how to make a Christmas tree bow topper, but TikToker @alisonmullendesigns has an “easy peasy” tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

Wrap Tulle Around The Tree Branches

Similar to ribbon, you might be wondering how to put tulle on Christmas tree. Tulle is another option to add dimension to your tree and make it look fuller. Charlie Brown should take some notes. All you need to do, according to TikToker @shaycothern, is tie your tulle around your tree branches. Make sure to fluff out the tulle to really make your white and gold colors stand out.

Add A Champagne Gold Moment

Leaning more into the gold Christmas tree direction? If so, you might want to add a golden moment to the front of your tree. TikToker @eventangels chose champagne gold as their color this year, and put a silk ribbon on the front. The method of adding the silk ribbon to the Christmas tree is very similar to tulle and other ribbon. Just tie the silk vertically down the front of the tree on different branches. Make sure to fluff out different sections, so it’s wavy.

Swifties may even want to add some “Champagne Problems” ornaments ($8, Etsy). While Taylor Swift may be singing about having champagne problems, decorating your themed tree will be a breeze.

Go With Fluffy White Ornaments For A Snowy Effect

For some people in warmer cities, you truly are dreaming of a white Christmas. To create a snowy feel indoors, go with a white Christmas tree that is not only snow-covered but also has fluffy, snowball-like ornaments. TikToker @bestchristmas1 went with this cozy vibe and pom pom ornaments.

Turn to TikTok to learn how to make a pom pom ornament for yourself with just yarn, your hand, and some scissors. Michaels also has some white pom pom garland ($10) that is easy to add to your Christmas tree as well.

Choose Lights That Add To Your Theme

The string lights you choose to wrap around your tree can make a huge difference. If you’re going for a gold and white theme, picking out yellow lights will add that golden hue. For instance, TikToker @our.kent.home went with only white ornaments but the gold lights underneath give it a subtle white and gold vibe. Swift may not “like a gold rush,” but if you do, try the opposite with all gold ornaments and white string lights ($6, Michaels).

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