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If your friends love Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, get these 'Gilmore Girls' inspired gifts.

14 Gift Ideas For The Bestie Who's Obsessed With Gilmore Girls

Tell them they’re the Sookie to your Lorelai with a hand-poured candle.

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If you have a friend who just so happens to live by the motto of "where you lead, I will follow," then you know a Gilmore Girls-inspired gift for Christmas will be the ultimate present you can give them. Bring the town of Stars Hollow to your bestie this season by taking inspiration from any of these awesome gifts for the friend who loves Gilmore Girls. You want to give them something that will totally make them scream, "Oy with the poodles already," when they open it, and these unique options are sure to do exactly that.

Since you can't travel to Kim's Antiques for something thoughtful, we've assembled some of the best Gilmore Girls gift ideas for you to peruse on your own. All of these items are available online so you can shop from your couch without worrying about Mrs. Kim eyeballing you over your shoulder.

Just like deciding between Jess, Dean, and Logan is difficult, picking out the perfect gift for your bestie can be a stressful task. This list of Gilmore Girls-inspired gifts will make holiday shopping a whole lot easier. (Plus, we all know there's really only one correct answer to that question: *Jess forever*.) Grab your favorite cup of coffee, fire up the laptop, and get to shopping. Let your bestie know they are truly the Rory to your Lorelai, and you know exactly what gift to get them this year.

A Luke's Diner Mug

Every true Gilmore Girls fan needs a Luke's Diner mug. I mean, what else would they drink their endless cups of coffee out of? There are many wonderful colors to choose from, and for something extra sweet, add a bag of your bestie’s favorite coffee beans to their gift. That way, they have something special to brew and can put their mug to good use ASAP.

These Adorable Gilmore Girls Ornaments

These Gilmore Girls-inspired ornaments are super cute, and make for a perfect holiday gift for your bestie. They come with four awesome references from the show that any true fan will understand. You can buy your friend one of them, or all four in a pack.

Several Gilmore Girls Spoons

These spoons are absolutely perfect for the Sookie to your Lorelai. For the friend who loves to cook, these unique wooden spoons will come in handy — especially during the holiday season. Just imagine all the amazing cookies, pies, and homemade PopTarts your bestie can whip up in the kitchen… and you’ll be the lucky taste tester.

This Luke's Diner Candle

You can imagine what Luke's Diner smells like when you light one of these soy candles. This candle smells exactly how you imagine Luke’s to smell in the morning: like a big, syrupy pancake breakfast with freshly brewed coffee. Even the label design gives a nod to Lorelai’s favorite spot, mentioning how it’s a “small town eatery with a sarcastic flair.”

An Essential Travel Mug

Drinking coffee like a Gilmore takes skill, which means your friend definitely needs a mug they can take with them.That's where this cute travel mug comes in handy. This tumbler has tons of fun images that represent your favorite moments and memories from the show, including Rory’s Harvard sweatshirt, a Luke’s Diner sign, and of course, a coffee pot.

A Luke's Diner Hat

Next to a Luke’s Diner coffee mug, this Luke's Diner hat is a quintessential gift for a Gilmore Girls fan. It’s like having a prop from the actual show. All your bestie needs to complete the look is a flannel shirt. It's the unofficial Luke's Diner uniform, even if Luke won't admit it.

Stars Hollow Wall Art

This vintage print will look great hanging up in your friend's apartment if they’ve always dreamed of visiting Stars Hollow IRL. It's also a great gift if your bestie's looking to decorate their new pad.This specific scene depicts a fresh summer day in Stars Hollow, but you can also gift your BFF one for the annual autumn festival.

A Doose's Market Tote

This canvas tote bag will come in handy for your friend whenever they go grocery shopping or head to the local market. They can even pretend like they’re shopping at Doose's Market with Dean at the checkout counter and Taylor nearby.

Quote Wall Art

Let’s be honest: nothing is more iconic than the Gilmore Girls theme song. Just looking at this wall sign will have the song stuck in your bestie’s head for the rest of the day — and they totally won't be mad about it.

A Pair Of Lorelai & Rory Earrings

Show your bestie how you feel about them with these super fun Lorelai & Rory stud earrings. There’s no other pair out there like this mother-daughter duo who truly have each other’s backs, so show your BFF that you have hers with these cute earrings. You can even grab a second pair so you can mix and match.

A Gilmore Girls Shirt

Your friend can show off their love for Gilmore Girls with this adorable tee that includes the iconic female characters from the series. Shoutout to Rory, Lorelai, and all of their friends. Not to mention Emily Gilmore — aka, the queen of the Gilmore clan. This tee will look so cute with jeans or tucked into any denim skirt.

Lorelai & Rory-Shaped Bookmarks

For your BFF who loves to read, these Lorelai and Rory bookmarks are the perfect stocking stuffer. They’re the perfect thickness and weight for bookmarks, and they’re laminated so they’ll last for a long time. Plus, each bookmark is hand-illustrated for a thoughtful touch.

The OG Companion Guide

This companion guide is a must-have for every Gilmore Girls superfan. Not only does it document interviews with the cast and crew that made daily life (and drama) in Stars Hollow happen, but it walks fans through the entire making of the show, from the first glimmer of an idea to the series finale. Your bestie will love reliving their favorite moments from the show, while also exploring the writer’s room, wardrobe trailer, and more.

I Smell Snow Candle

Lorelai can smell snow, and now your bestie can too with this luxe winter-themed candle. It features a creamy peppermint and vanilla scent that’s just as crisp and refreshing as Lorelai’s favorite time of year. Each candle is hand-poured and made in small batches with love.

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