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15 Gifts For Dads Who Don’t Want Anything That He’ll Actually Love

For the father who claims to have everything.

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The struggle is real when you ask your dad what he wants for Father’s Day and he responds with “nothing.” Sure, he probably has everything he needs and just doesn’t want to stress you out with getting him a gift, but you don’t want him to go empty-handed on Father’s Day. When your dad is giving you zero hints, these gifts for dad who wants nothing are always an option.

Of course, breakfast in bed and a nice card are always great Father’s Day traditions, but you also want to surprise your dad with a present he can use. While he may say he doesn’t need anything, these gifts for dads who don't want anything are actually pretty useful, and he’ll be grateful you went above and beyond. In fact, this list of gifts for a dad who wants nothing includes items your father may have been overlooking.

While he thinks he has everything, these Father’s Day gift ideas will make his life so much easier as well. There’s also something for every kind of father from the plant dad to home chef among these gifts for a dad who has everything. While you may not be able to read his mind, you’ll know which of these 15 Father’s Day gifts your dad will actually want to unwrap.

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Nice Whiskey Glasses

Give your dad something to add to his bar cart by getting him some nice whiskey glasses. While he may say he already has nice glasses, he doesn’t have custom whiskey glasses with his name on them. A personalized touch really makes these one-of-a-kind.


Cheese Subscription

For your foodie father, you may want to get him a monthly cheese subscription. This is definitely something your dad doesn’t already have, and will give him a chance to try out different kinds of cheeses to find his favorite. In fact, he’ll brie so happy you got him a gouda gift.


Wine Rack

If your dad is a wine drinker, he may need a place to store his fave bottles. This zig zag wine rack is totally unique, which means it’s likely your dad doesn’t have one. Along with getting him this rack, you can also get him a bottle you know he’s never tried before.


Personalized Grill Set

With summer coming up, your dad is going to be the grill master once again. To prepare him for all the backyard barbecues, get him this personalized grill set. Each set comes with five stainless steel grill tools in a box that you can customize with your dad’s name to make it totally unique.


Weighted Blanket

Your dad is probably set on regular blankets, but he definitely needs a weighted blanket as well. Not only do they provide extra comfort with the weight, but this particular weighted blanket has cooling fabric to prevent him from overheating. This is definitely for the dad who needs to treat himself.

Airbnb Gift Card

For a dad who likes to travel, he can always use an Airbnb gift card for his next vacay. This is also perfect for the dad who has everything, because you’re not giving him a physical gift but an experiential one.

Hydro Flask Carry Out Soft Cooler

These Hydro Flask Soft Coolers are great for the upcoming summer season. Your dad can bring them to the beach, a backyard barbecue, or on a hike. Since these are new, they’re also something your dad definitely doesn’t already have as well. They can also store up to 20 cans and keep your items cool for 24 hours.

Olive Oil Subscription

If your dad likes to cook, he needs olive oil. You might as well get him an olive oil subscription so he can try different olive oils from various countries and regions. He may even discover his new fave olive oil all thanks to you.


Hot Sauce Gift Set

Perhaps your dad is a fan of spicy food, or he just loves watching Hot Ones on YouTube. Either way, he’ll love this hot sauce pack from Heatonist. The gift set includes all 10 hot sauces used for Season 17 of Hot Ones along with a collector’s briefcase box and Hot Ones stickers as well.


Coffee Warmer

If your dad is someone who needs coffee first thing in the morning but always forgets to drink it while it’s still warm, he needs this coffee warmer. He can keep it on his WFH desk. This will help him from having to drink room temp or reheated coffee from the microwave.


Golf Ball Ice Cubes

Sure, your dad has everything he needs for golfing, but does he have golf ball ice cubes for his drink? Probably not. You can correct that by getting him this hole-in-one gift that allows him to make super cute golf ball chillers for his celebratory whiskey after a good game.


Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are becoming more and more popular. If your dad loves new technology, you’ll want to get him this video doorbell system. This particular doorbell has over 9,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, and one reviewer even said it’s “the best video doorbell on the market.”


An Indoor Grill

While your dad may be in charge of the grill during the summer, it can be a difficult job when it gets too hot outside. Luckily, you can get him this indoor grill that he can use whenever he doesn’t want to go outside and fire up the big grill. One of the over 12,000 5-star reviewers even said they use this grill four to five times a week and it “could not be easier” to clean up.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

If whiskey is your dad’s drink of choice, he needs his own whiskey barrel. Don’t just get him any whiskey barrel, though. You want this to be a gift no one else has, so get him a personalized whiskey barrel with his name on it.


Custom Succulent Planter

If your dad is also a plant dad, he may want a new planter for his succulents at home. These 3D printed planters are super unique and will look great on your dad’s desk. You could even get him a new succulent he doesn’t already have to go inside.

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