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11 Last-Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas From TikTok Including Custom Snack Baskets

Get your DIY on for dad.

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Father’s Day is almost here. If you just had a slight panic attack that you haven’t gotten anything for your dad yet, no worries at all. There are plenty of last-minute Father’s Day 2022 gift ideas from TikTok that you can throw together. Of course, you know that dads can be difficult to shop for. Perhaps your father isn’t giving you any hints as to what he wants, which is why you’re scrounging around last minute for something. Luckily, TikTok always has your back and is here to help with tons of inspo.

Whether your pop is a foodie or super sentimental, TikTok has plenty of last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas for him. Sure, your dad may be happy with just about anything you get him, but you want your present to be special. Even if you’re putting together something last minute, a DIY or store-bought Father’s Day gift inspired by these TikTok ideas will show your dad how much you care. You can even get creative and tweak some of these ideas so that you come up with a totally unique and one-of-a-kind gift that your dad can cherish.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste anymore time thinking of what to get your dad for June 19 and go with one of these Father’s Day gift ideas from TikTok.


Origami Money Card


Sometimes, it’s easier to just give your dad some money for Father’s Day so he can buy exactly what he wants. However, giving your dad money isn’t exactly the most creative or thoughtful gift. One way to make it special is how you present the money to your dad. A super cute idea comes from TikToker @valentinabalance.

By folding up your bill to look like a button down shirt, you can attach the origami money to a card. Write a heartfelt note inside and your dad will not only receive a sweet message, but also some cash to spend on whatever his heart desires.


Wall Art

If you have some artistic skills, you may want to try DIYing some wall art for your dad. Take one of your fave photos together and follow TikToker @margueritecreative’s lead by coloring over it with a Photoshop-like app for a faceless portrait version. Whatever you end up making, your dad can use to decorate his home or even his work desk.


Snack Basket

If you know all your dad’s favorite snacks, an easy last-minute Father’s Day gift idea is to put together a snack basket. Just like TikToker @pinay_sa_alaska, all you need to do is put your dad’s fave food and even some drinks in a basket. If you’re a good baker, you could even make your dad’s favorite cookies and sweets to add as well.


Dad Shirt Gift Wrapping

To make your present extra special, you can gift wrap it like a button down shirt. TikToker @handsonfamily demonstrates how to fold a brown paper bag with some ribbon to create a dad shirt gift bag. Inside the bag, you can put your dad’s fave snacks, a card, and even a personalized portable charger ($21, Etsy).


Custom Drinking Glasses


For a classy idea, follow TikToker @joselynann1 and DIY your dad some custom drinking glasses for Father’s Day. All you need to do is get some glasses, vinyl stickers, and Armour Etch ($11, Amazon). Cutout whatever design you’d like with the vinyl stickers, and paint over it with the Armour Etch cream. After 30 minutes, just wash off the extra cream and peel off the sticker to reveal your design.


Father’s Day Mug

If you’re dad’s more a coffee or tea drinker, get him a Father’s Day mug from the store. TikToker @targetchaos shows off how many Father’s Day mugs Target has right now for just $5. To complete your gift, fill the mug with your dad’s favorite coffee or tea.


Lottery Ticket Bouquet

Instead of a bouquet of flowers, make your dad a bouquet of lottery tickets. For this idea from TikToker @kammymakora, you need a tall mug, scratch off lottery tickets, decorative paper, and wooden sticks. Tape the tickets to the wooden sticks and arrange them in the mug with the decorative paper at the bottom to make it look like a fresh bouquet of flowers.


Scrabble Coasters

Using some cork and scrabble letters, make these super cute DIY coasters from TikToker @malloryhudsonxo. You could even make these as one-of-a-kind as you’d like by spelling out some inside jokes or family nicknames with the letters.


Custom Picture Frame Holder


Do you remember the handprint painting you used to give your dad as a kid? Well, this picture frame holder idea from TikToker @thetushouse is like the upgraded version of that. Using a mold and plaster, create a ceramic holder for a picture frame with your hands, so it’s like you’re holding up a picture of your dad. It’s super sweet and any sentimental pop will love it.


Colorful Father’s Day Card

If you’re on a budget but want to give your dad something from the heart, you can’t go wrong with a homemade card. TikToker @lifeofcolour shares how to design the front of your card with markers so it looks like it’s store-bought. Inside the card is where you get to write all the reasons why your dad is the best and you love him with all your heart.


Chocolate-Covered Treats

Another sweet idea for a Father’s Day gift is some homemade chocolate-covered treats. TikToker @treatsbyd shows how to decorate pretzel sticks and strawberries with different chocolate. You can dip pretty much any fruit your dad likes in chocolate and give it to him on his big day.

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