You can stay in a 'Ghostbusters' firehouse with Vacasa.

Vacasa’s Ghostbusters Firehouse Is A $20 Halloween Stay

Booking begins Oct. 21, so get your proton pack ready.

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Are you afraid of ghosts? If you said no, you may have what it takes to be a Ghostbuster. In addition to busting ghosts with your proton pack, you can stay in a Ghostbusters firehouse with Vacasa as well. Vacasa and Sony have teamed up to give one group of friends the chance of a lifetime (or afterlife-time) to stay in a Ghostbusters-themed firehouse for Halloween. The best part of all is that your ‘Gram-worthy booking is also super budget-friendly.

While you know that the actual Ghostbusters firehouse you see in the films is located in New York City, this Ghostbusters Firehouse experience is happening in Portland, Oregon instead. Despite it being on the opposite coast, you will really feel as if you’re in Manhattan the second you step inside. The early 1900s three-story firehouse home has been fully decorated with props and decor that not only make it feel authentic, but also make it the perfect backdrop for some Insta-worthy snaps as well. If you end up being the lucky guest who gets to call this Ghostbusters home your own for the weekend, you’ll even have some Ghostbuster flight suits to wear so you can get into costume as you’re testing out ghost traps and screening calls from Janine’s desk. For anyone ready to take one of those calls and have an epic Halloween stay, you’ll need to set an alarm in order to book the Ghostbusters firehouse.

How To Book The Ghostbusters Firehouse With Vacasa


Similar to other once-in-a-lifetime themed TV and movie stays, this Ghostbusters firehouse from Vacasa will be available on a first come, first served basis. That means you need to be ready as soon as the listing becomes available to book on Oct. 21 at 10 a.m. PT. It may help to set an alarm on your phone and hit refresh as soon as 10 a.m. hits. Be sure to log into your Vacasa account beforehand as well so it’s smooth sailing to your Ghostbusters booking.

When Is The Ghostbusters Firehouse Stay?

Since there is no better time to revisit the Ghostbusters franchise than Halloween, this Ghostbusters experience will be happening Oct. 28 through All Hallows’ Eve. If you happen to be the lucky guest, you’ll be able to bring along four of your friends to join you for this three-night weekend stay checking in on Oct. 28 and checking out on Oct. 31.

How Much Is The Ghostbusters Firehouse Stay?

While you need to book your own travel to and from the Ghostbusters Firehouse in Portland, this stay will only cost you $19.84 a night. That special price is in honor of when the first Ghostbusters film released in 1984, and makes this booking super cheap. Split between your entire party, you’ll pay about $12 each. There will also be local taxes and fees applied to your stay as well, but in honor of your vacay, Vacasa will make a donation to the Oregon Volunteer Firefighters Association. So, you’re not just getting an epic Halloween trip, but you’re making a difference in the process.

What Does The Ghostbusters Firehouse Look Like?


From floor to ceiling, the entire firehouse has been transformed into a Ghostbusters one. In this two-bedroom home, you’ll find a Ghost Facility Room for studying any paranormal activity you encounter as well as a Dark Room to check your photos with the Spectral analyzer. You’ll also instantly recognize Janine’s desk that’ll have a working and ringing phone, because who you gonna call? Ghostbusters, of course. There will also be props everywhere, from the eerie Vigo painting from Ghostbusters 2 to all of Egon’s gadgets like a P.K.E. Meter, Ecto-Containment Unit, and the Aura Video-Analyzer that they place on the Keymaster — aka Rick Moranis’ head.

Just think of all the cute Insta snaps and TikTok videos you could capture while staying at the Ghostbusters firehouse. If you truly “ain’t afraid of no ghost,” you might as well try to book a trip as legendary as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man himself.

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