St. Patrick's Day
Friends having fun on Saint Patrick's day wearing funny st Patrick's day shirts.
Funny St. Patrick’s Day Shirts Including Friends And Schitt’s Creek-Inspired Tees

Embrace all the puns for your green OOTD.

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St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays with a dress code. While you don’t have to wear green on Mar. 17, you run the risk of someone pinching you if you don’t. To avoid all the shenanigans and to also ensure you look super cute when snapping pics with your crew, you may want to get some funny St. Patrick’s Day shirts on Etsy to wear with your BFFs.

Whether you plan to go to your fave pub for some green beer or want to stay home with your roomies and watch movies like Disney’s The Luck of the Irish, having a green OOTD will make your plans so much more festive. A funny St. Patrick’s Day tee even makes putting together your all-green outfit as easy as throwing on your tee and fave pair of jeans. You could even get matching St. Patrick’s Day shirts for you and your besties to wear for some cute group pics to post on Instagram.

The best part about Etsy is that they have so many different funny St. Patrick’s Day shirts to choose from. Go with something punny if you really want to make your friends LOL or a shirt that really nails your paddy vibes on St. Patrick’s Day. If you need help sorting through the options, here are some St. Patrick’s Day shirts that you’ll want to add to your cart ASAP.

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This St. Patrick’s Day Shirt For Anyone Looking To Dance

Someone cue up Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up,” because that song needs to be playing when you wear this tee. If you plan to dance and get jiggy with it on St. Patrick’s Day, this shirt is your vibe. The funny pun also doesn’t hurt.


This St. Patrick’s Day Shirt For Besties

Perhaps you’re looking for matching tees to get with the she to your nanigans. If that’s the case, this adorable “let the shenanigans begin” St. Patrick’s Day shirt is a great way to go. This tee also comes in white or green, so you can match without being identical OOTD twins.


This St. Patrick’s Day Shirt For Schitt’s Creek Fans

Calling all Schitt’s Creek fans — this is the St. Patrick’s Day tee for you. It features the iconic Rose family and a funny “Schitt-faced” pun. It’s so cute that it’s sure to get a “yay, David” from your friends.


This St. Patrick’s Day Shirt Is So Fresh

St. Patrick’s Day puns don’t just make great Instagram captions. They’re also great for your shirts. This St. Patrick’s Day tee is perfect for when you’re planning a super fresh all green ‘fit.


This St. Patrick’s Day Shirt For Wordle Fans

If you’re someone who plays Wordle every morning with your first cup of coffee, you’ll love this St. Patrick’s Day shirt. Featuring a very festive word of the day, this tee is very trendy right now and will make all your besties laugh. It may even remind some people to check their Wordle if they haven’t played yet that day.


This St. Patrick’s Day Shirt Is For Drinking Buddies

If you and your besties plan to play some drinking games on St. Patrick’s Day or even mix up some fun green cocktails and mocktail recipes from TikTok, you’ll want to wear this tee. It perfectly describes how fun you are when you’re just hanging out and drinking with your friends.


This St. Patrick’s Day Shirt With An Irish Pun

You truly can’t go wrong with a good pun. This funny St. Patrick’s Day tee utilizes an Irish pun based on the Skee-Lo song “I Wish.” It’ll look super cute with some jeans and a green-inspired makeup lewk.


This St. Patrick’s Day Shirt Is For Anyone Looking To Paddy

Another St. Patrick’s Day shirt based on a fun song is this punny tee. Using lyrics from Kesha’s song “Tik Tok,” this shirt perfectly sums up how you feel walking into a party: It doesn’t start without you.


This St. Patrick’s Day Shirt For Friends Fans

For any Friends fans, you’ll love this inspired St. Patrick’s Day shirt on Etsy. You could even wear it with your entire crew like you’re the friends from Friends, whether you have St. Patrick’s Day plans or you “don’t even have a pla” for the night.


This St. Patrick’s Day Shirt For Your Whole Squad

If you’re planning to match with your entire squad, these superlative tees are a super cute idea for St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, they’ll work for roomies and sorority sisters as well. Just assigned a tee to whoever fits the superlative the best, like “most likely to drink green beer” or “most likely to find a lucky charm.”

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