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8 Of The Funniest Reverse Shapeshifting TikToks

Can we get a redo?

When TikTok releases a new effect, it’s not long before almost everyone on your “For You” page is trying it out for themselves. One of the newest ones is the reverse shapeshifting effect, which takes an image on your phone and morphs it into your face. So, if you use a photograph of your family or a cast of your fave TV show, it’ll determine who you supposedly look like the most. However, as with the original shapeshifting effect, sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you expect, and that’s how you stumble across the funniest reverse shapeshifting TikToks on your feed.

There are a few trends going around that use the reverse shapeshifting effect. One of the most popular is people determining whether their Bitmoji character looks like them. Other TikTokers are using the filter to show a baby picture of themselves that morphs into what their face looks like now. The results are either super cute or totally LOL-worthy. It’s the funny ones that you want to share immediately with your besties for a good laugh, though. If you’re looking for some of the best, these eight reverse shapeshifting TikToks are ones you’ll want to send to your group chat ASAP. They may even inspire you to make your own silly TikTok as well.

This TikToker Looks Like Everyone Else But Herself

One popular trend using the effect is to start the shapeshifting process with a baby picture of yourself to see how much you’ve changed. The results are often adorable, but sometimes, the effect has a hard time pinpointing the right person to match the user with.

That’s the case with TikToker @christibalisti, who apparently looks like everyone else in her family more than herself. It probably didn’t help that she used a family photo rather than just a solo pic of herself, but it’s still hilarious watching her try it out over and over again.

This TikToker Apparently Broke The Effect

TikToker @lonegaywitch also tried to do the baby picture trend, but apparently, broke the effect. If the filter can’t properly find a face to morph with in the image, it’ll glitch. While you can always just find a more clear photo to use, you can also post the hilarious #fail like this one.

TFW You Can’t Get The Right Grey’s Anatomy Character

A lot of TikTokers are using the effect to see which character from their fave TV show they look like the most. That’s what TikToker @mirandabaileyswife tried doing with an image of every Grey’s Anatomy character. Unfortunately, the results were not even close to what @mirandabaileyswife wanted. It’s as if TikTok didn’t listen when to Meredith’s words, “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.”

Sometimes, The Results Are Too Accurate

While it’s funny when the results are way off, it can also be hilarious when the morph is too accurate. After getting a comment that said that TikToker @thebeccamurray was a “copy and paste” of her mom, she used the reverse shapeshifting effect to go from an image of her mom to herself. The results are uncanny and her reactions are delightfully funny. It’ll make you want to see how much of a “copy and paste” you are of your own parents.

When The Holiday Card Is Off

TikToker @srifromtiktok from the group @earcandyofficial decided to morph into their holiday card. Unfortunately, the effect thought @srifromtiktok looked like every other member. It could just be that when you hang out with a group long enough, you start to look like each other.

The Bitmoji Or Catfish Trend

Another way TikTokers are using the reverse shapeshifting” effect is to test out how accurate their Bitmojis are. Some are real catfishes, but TikToker @tiktokpj actually nailed it. However, you probably wouldn’t have guessed so, because their Bitmoji is wearing an Elsa dress from Frozen. In a hilarious reveal, it’s proven that the cold doesn’t bother them anyway and they’re wearing the exact same dress.

Becoming Wanda From WandaVision

Sometimes, you actually get the result you want from the “Which character you are” trend. TikToker was so happy about her Wanda result that she had to pose for a pic with Vision from WandaVision. Just waiting on the wedding registry to drop next.

Even TikTok Mixes You Up With Your Siblings

If you have a sibling, you know how often you get confused for each other. Someone’s always accidentally calling you the wrong name, and it can be frustrating. That’s why it’s even more insulting when TikTok gets it wrong like it does with TikToker @kennedyyyyyyyyyyy1. In every picture, it thinks @kennedyyyyyyyyyyy1 is her sister.