FUNBOY’s Winter Collection 2022 Includes Y2K Snowmobiles

Elite Daily has early access to the entire collection rn!

Since winter is coming, you may be putting your large inflatables for the pool and beach back into your closet along with your sundresses and swimsuits. As sad as you are to kiss away those sun-kissed days, turn that frown upside down because you’ve got cabin trips and snow days ahead. Instead of lounging on the water, you could be sledding down the hill on another large inflatable from FUNBOY’s winter 2022 collection. FUNBOY is adding some additional toboggans, sleds, and tubes this year that look snow much fun, and Elite Daily has early access to the entire collection.

From now until November, FUNBOY will be dropping new items from their winter 2022 inflatables collection onto their store for you to add to cart. However, Elite Daily readers can exclusively shop the all-new Winter Collection now. The new additions to the FUNBOY Winter Collection have a retro après-inspired design as well as fun colors and patterns to make your winter vacay more picture perfect. You’ll definitely want to snap tons of pictures and TikTok videos on your FUNBOY snowmobiles, sleighs, and snow tubes before heading down the mountain.

Not only are they Insta-worthy, but these new FUNBOY winter essentials are also made with ultra-thick material to make sure you can sled all season long in up to -25 degrees. Whether you’re just going to the park on a snowy day or to a cabin in the mountains with your entire squad, you’ll definitely want to pack along one of these new FUNBOY sleds from the 2022 Winter Collection.

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Have No Problems With This Champagne Snowmobile

Champagne problems? Unless you’re listening to Taylor Swift’s song, you won’t have any with this new metallic snowmobile in the Winter Collection. The champagne color is so classic and is available for not just the snowmobile style inflatable but the toboggan as well.

Prosec-go Down The Hill In This Champagne Toboggan

The champagne toboggan perfectly fits two people, so you and your bestie can enjoy the snow together. This toboggan price is also cheaper this year for FUNBOY, so you’ll have more money to spend on drinks during your après-ski. Perhaps you could even order a Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco.

Stay Happy With This Snowmobile

Put a smile on your face with the new Happy Face collection. This checkerboard design with smiley faces all over has a very ‘90s vibe, and is available as a snowmobile and snow tube. The snowmobile design is truly Insta-worthy and will make you look like you’re riding down on a motorized snowmobile and not something inflatable.

Have Fun On Matching Tubes With Your Bestie

FUNBOY’s Happy Face tubes are available for a discounted bundle price, so you may want to get one for you and your bestie. Not only are you saving money, but you’ll also have cute matching tubes for all your candid shots and selfies in the snow. You can also get the jump on this deal now before it’s available to everyone on Oct. 25.

Channel The Early 2000s With This Clear Snowmobile

Up next in the Winter Collection is the clear snowmobile. This inflatable, which will be available to everyone on Nov. 3, also has a Y2K vibe and will remind you of those inflatable chairs and couches you begged your parents for as a kid. Since it is clear, you’ll be able to see the snow all around and it may even look like you’re flying down the hill on nothing at all.

Get Festive With A Candy Cane Tube

You can’t go wrong with a simple snow tube for your cabin weekend. This candy cane pattern is especially perfect for a holiday getaway, or even a Christmas present for your sporty bestie. The Candy Cane collection, which includes the tube and a toboggan, arrives Nov. 8 in FUNBOY’s 2022 Winter Collection, but you can add it to your cart now.

Stay Fresh With This Toboggan

This striped toboggan from the Candy Cane collection was mint to be yours. It looks like a traditional wooden toboggan, but it’s made with durable rubber. That means you can easily pack and bring it with you on all your winter adventures.