The Four Seasons Orlando baby has expensive taste.

I Went To Four Seasons Orlando & “Fully Conscious” Baby Has $$$ Taste

Who wants to be able to afford a vacay? Me!

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The viral “fully conscious” baby from TikTok got her dream come true. During Memorial Day Weekend, 1-year-old Kate Wise — who started trending for her response to the age-old question: “Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?” — and her family were treated like royals during their stay at the resort located on Walt Disney World property.

Since I just so happened to be visiting my own family in Central Florida at the time, I made brunch reservations at the resort to see what all the hype is about — and now I get it. The Four Seasons Orlando is bougie, with perfectly groomed palm trees in the gardens and ornate chandeliers in the lobby.

The Four Seasons Orlando Is For The Jennifer Coolidges

Knowing that The White Lotus has filmed at Four Seasons locations around the world, it felt like at any moment I might run into Tanya McQuoid (Jennifer Coolidge) while walking around. But instead of channeling my inner Tanya, I felt more like her assistant Portia and that I didn’t belong.

The first thing that caught me off guard about the Four Seasons Orlando is that it’s located within the Golden Oak community. This is where millionaire Disney adults can buy houses at Walt Disney World if they want to be just minutes away from the Magic Kingdom.

A seven-bedroom Grand Villa Amore in Golden Oak is being resold for $14.5 million, while a more modest five-bedroom Once Upon A Dream home is listed for under $10 million. When I first heard about Golden Oak, it was pitched to me as a place where celebrities like Oprah Winfrey can buy a house to stay in whenever they want to go to Disney.

Rachel Chapman

FYI, you need to have a reservation at one of the restaurants or the hotel itself in order to get through security at Golden Oak. FYI 2.0, there isn’t a self-parking lot for guests. Everyone must valet, which is $30 a day; $5 with validation at the restaurants.

In my case, my mom and I booked a delicious brunch at Plancha within the Four Seasons Golf and Sports Club, which I didn’t know is actually down the road. You don’t need to drive through Golden Oak to get there, and there’s a free parking lot for guests. (The Portia in me really appreciated that one.)

If you do end up going to the hotel by accident, the resort can have a driver take you over to the golf club via a cart for free. It’s also walkable. This is how I was able to explore the resort after brunch, so if you’re planning on checking out what the Four Seasons Orlando baby loves so much, this is the way to go.

If you do plan to stay at the resort, well... it’s going to cost you.

The Presidential Suite Is Around $12,000 A Night

Following the Wises’ viral TikTok, the family made it the Walt Disney World resort for their vacay, and the hotel’s official account documented their stay. It appears baby Kate got to relax away from the Florida heat in the Presidential Suite, which comes with a gorgeous living room, powder room, and stunning views of EPCOT from the private balcony.

Though you currently need to call in order to book and get pricing, a one-night stay in the Presidential Suite was around $12,000 in 2015, according to Theme Park Tourist.

To save a bit, a regular Lake View Room is around $1,695 a night for a weekday in June. There are also “construction view” rooms that you can choose to save some money that are around $1,250 and $1,340 a night.


In addition to staying in a Kardashian-level suite, baby Kate also got to enjoy room service and the pool during her stay. The in-room dining includes all-day, late-night, and even pet-friendly menus, but it looks like she enjoyed a plate of pesto pasta for $21.

An area I wasn’t able to check out is Explorer Island, which is where the main pool area can be found. This is also where the lazy river is that can be seen in the Four Seasons TikTok, but they have two giant water slides, a 7,590-square-foot pool, and adults-only oasis as well. I can see why it’s such a memorable place, even for a toddler.


The Character Breakfast Is One Of Disney’s Best Kept Secrets

The Four Seasons Orlando also offers free shuttles to any of the Disney theme parks, which can save you on parking, but Bailey Wise told People that the family didn’t have plans to visit Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom during their visit.

Instead, they got their Disney fill with the Good Morning Breakfast with Goofy & Pals at Ravello. To dine here, it is $52 for adults and $32 per children, and it’s one of the best kept secrets at Disney World as most people don’t know this character breakfast exists.

I guess spending only $32 to $52 to see Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy as you eat pancakes and drink bottomless mimosas is worth it when tickets to see these characters in the park can cost you at least $109 a day.

However, aside from the character breakfast and lazy river, I don’t know if this is where I would have dreamed of going as a kid. When there are so many other themed resorts on property, like Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge or Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, the Four Seasons Orlando has more of a high-class feel. As a kid, I would have felt out of place or like I might knock something expensive over and ruin everything.

That’s where the Four Seasons Orlando baby and I differ. While she’s “fully conscious” at 1, can perfectly respond with an adorable “me,” wear a $250 Cinderella crown from the Fable boutique, and spend over $12K on a family vacay, I’m much more of a brunch and budget kind of gal. We all can’t be Tanyas. Some of us have to be Portia.