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When You’re Ready To Hit The Ticket Booth, These Carnival Captions Will Come In Handy

POV: You’re riding the Ferris wheel with me.

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Summer is officially over the moment the fall fair comes to your town. It’s bittersweet, but you don’t really mind when the air smells like cider doughnuts and you can see cotton candy stands, Ferris wheels, and a row of game booths all from the road. While you and your besties may have already talked about going to the fair to score fried treats and fluffy prizes, you’re probably also excited for all the #content you can get and pair with these Instagram captions for fall fairs.

After all, the entire experience is picture-perfect, from the twinkly lights that illuminate the night sky after the sun has set, to the carnival rides that remind you of iconic romance movies like The Notebook. You already have a couple ‘fits picked out that’ll shine next to a soft pretzel or plate of fried dough and give your followers serious FOMO. All you have to do is hand over a disposable camera to your BFF or boo, and ask them to snap candids of you throughout the day and night.

Instead of giving each picture a separate post, be sure to share them all as a photo dump and give your followers a glimpse into your trip to the fair from beginning to end. Pick out one of these carnival captions for your post, too, so you’re totally prepared to post while waiting in line at the ticket booth.

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  1. "This is where the fun stuff happens."
  2. "Sweet as cotton candy, bright as the moon."
  3. "Just here for the fried dough and Ferris wheel."
  4. "You are the pumpkin spice to my fall fair."
  5. "Popcorn over problems."
  6. "Race you to the ticket booth."
  7. “You are better than my favorite sweater in this weather."
  8. "Up, up, and away we go."
  9. "Be like the carnival rides, and sparkle 24/7."
  10. "Everything is #lit here."
  11. "Splitting french fries with you is my favorite thing to do."
  12. "Admit two. Just me and you."
  13. "Came for the cotton candy, left with lots of memories with you."
  14. "Let's win a prize every time."
  15. "Live colorfully."
  16. "A ticket to fun and feelin' young."
  17. "It's so fluffy!" — Agnus, Despicable Me
  18. "You must be this in love with fall to ride this ride."
  19. "Walking in an autumn wonderland."
  20. "You can't spell friend without fried (dough)."
  21. "Meet me at the mac and cheese stand."
  22. "Traded the bright lights of the big city for the neon signs at the fair."
  23. "Happy fair season."
  24. "Curing my wanderlust with cotton candy and bright pink skies."
  25. "Can I get a passport stamp from the top of the Ferris wheel?"
  26. "Falling in love with this season even more."
  27. "Like we're made of starlight." — Taylor Swift, “Starlight”
  28. "You'll never know how great a kiss can feel when you stop at the top of a Ferris wheel." — Freddy Cannon
  29. "This is going to be one of those nights."
  30. "It's been one blur of fun." — Lilly Pulitzer
  31. "Free admission to those who dream."
  32. "POV: You’re riding the Ferris wheel with me."
  33. "You think fall is better than winter? That’s fair."
  34. "Nobody I’d rather get spooked by the haunted house with."
  35. "The category is fall."
  36. "Next stop: the top of the Ferris wheel."
  37. "Having a ball in the fall."
  38. "More flannels and fall fairs, please."
  39. “Who knew I loved Ferris wheels so much?”
  40. “I’ve never met a fair snack I didn’t like.”
  41. “This fair outfit should win a prize.”
  42. “Fall fair photo dump!”
  43. “Pics or you didn’t go to the fall fair.”
  44. “Tell me you love fall fairs, without telling me you love fall fairs.”
  45. “If only you could smell this photo.”

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