Young women close to kissing, learning how to get turned on via their Eros sign.
There’s 1 Sign In Astrology That Can Reveal Your Most Secret Turn-Ons

It can even speak to how to live your sexiest life.

by Rosey Baker and Chelsea Jackson
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Greek mythology introduced Eros as the god of sexual love and desire. Today, in astrology, Eros is used to describe that feeling between two people who are just dying to have sex with each other. You know that feeling of, "I'm going to rip my own clothes off right here in this coffee shop if you look me in the eyes again"? That’s your Eros sign talking to you, and it can show you what your most erotic turn-ons are.

In modern astrology, your Eros is the sign that Eros, the asteroid, is placed in an individual's birth chart. The sign Eros is placed in can speak to what brings you the most pleasure, and how to achieve it to live your sexiest life. Not all astrologers factor this asteroid into a reading, which can show exactly what makes someone lose their mind with sexual desire — but when they do, expect fireworks.

Eros can show you the sign you are most often attracted to, even if your sun sign isn't that compatible with the person. So if you're a freedom-loving Aquarius who always find themselves stuck in a relationship with emotional Cancers, it might just be because you can't help but find yourself hooked on the sex.

To look up your Eros sign, try using this Eros calculator. Knowing what your Eros sign is can be a powerful way to harness your deepest sexual desires. With this information, you can improve your sex life and intensify your relationships.

Eros in Aries

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Eros in Aries makes a person love the chase. Your passions are overwhelming, spontaneous, and you develop your attractions without even thinking about it. Since Aries is ruled by Mars, there’s a strong sense of impulse when it comes to your sexual desires. You aren't particularly emotional with your sexuality, but you are passionate. You're attracted to people who feed your love with excitement, and you always know exactly what you want.

Eros in Taurus

You have a strong desire to indulge in pleasure and deep intimacy, and seek comfort in your partners over all else. Your partners need to provide a sense of security through money and possessions, and they also need to be able to wine and dine you. Good food, good sex, and beautiful art is the way to your heart, and in your relationships, you won’t settle for anything less.

Eros in Gemini

Eros in Gemini makes you attracted to people who are funny, quick-witted, and mentally stimulating. You are most likely to be attracted to people who have the ability to keep you interested in them, because you tend to get bored pretty easily. In the bedroom, you need someone who knows how to talk dirty and is naturally charismatic.

Foreplay is a major thing for you, in the sense that you need someone who knows their way around your genitalia in more ways than one.

Eros in Cancer

Sex for you is all about feeling safe, and you like to pay special attention to where you’re having it. Clean sheets and sultry aromas are a big part of arousal for you, in addition to a partner who doesn’t mind always coming over to your place. Eros in Cancer people use sex as a way to care for and nurture their partners, and expect the same from them. They are extremely intuitive lovers, and are attracted to people who have a caregiving vibe.

Eros in Leo

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Eros in Leo people need to feel like the center of attention in their relationships. They get off on people who worship them, shower them with compliments, and treat them with respect. They want passion above all, and require a lot of love and affection to feel appreciated. The love won’t be one-sided though, because Eros in Leo people love hard. They just want to be treated with the same adoration as they give out.

Eros in Virgo

You have a very logical, down-to-earth approach to love and intimacy, and only like to engage with people if it makes sense and isn’t a waste of time. Eros in Virgo people are huge people pleasers in the bedroom, paying attention to everything, down to the tiniest details.

They are attracted to people who are a lot less calculated than they are and a lot more fun and easygoing. Having your Eros in Virgo means that you need sex to get yourself out of your head, although your approach to sex is studious, meaning you want someone who has done their research, the same way you have.

Eros in Libra

You are most highly attracted to someone you look good with socially, someone you can show off on your arm, and someone who wants to show you off as well. You’re a hopeless romantic, and want a relationship that is simple and rooted in mental connection.

You can become totally obsessed with the romantic beginnings of a relationship, and when you have finally settled down, you may fall into the trap of focusing so much on your partner that you let your life fall to second priority, overdoing it when it comes to your need for sexual equality. It’s important for you to make sure that you don’t become codependent on your partners so that the relationship can remain healthy.

Eros in Scorpio

With Eros in Scorpio, you may be attracted to lovers who are trustworthy and honest about their intentions. In order for you to feel fully comfortable with someone, you have to know that your secrets are safe with them.

You have a desire to completely merge with your partners, and sex for you is a deeply transformative experience. Jealousy and power plays are a major turn-on for you, as are hidden affairs. Your attraction is felt on a primal and spiritual level.

Eros in Sagittarius

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Eros in Sagittarius believes that sexuality should be open-minded and free. There shouldn’t be any limits or restrictions to intimacy, and it should be fun over all else. You are most likely attracted to people who exude a ton of upbeat physical energy and an optimistic outlook on life. You want sex to be, above all, a great time. You want plenty of laughs, plenty of fun, and plenty of freedom.

Eros in Capricorn

Eros in Capricorn fall easily for people who give off an air of success and have their life together. To be perfectly blunt, you are attracted to money, as well as the lifestyle it provides. You're attracted to people who work hard for their money, but those who are born into it turn you on, too. You're likely to choose someone who you can rule the world with.

Eros in Aquarius

Eros in Aquarius people are attracted to those who pique their curiosity. You want someone who is offbeat or odd in some way, someone who thinks outside the box both in their everyday life and in bed. For you, sex is an exploration, a puzzle you want to figure out.

You might be more mental than emotional in bed, but your love is true in that you allow your partner the freedom to be their whole self. Since you’re a bit unconventional, you’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to try something different.

Eros in Pisces

Eros in Pisces are attracted to love itself, and may choose partners who are somehow unavailable because they love longing for their partners even more than they love the person. They treat sex as a spiritual act, and love for them is an act of self-sacrifice.

They run the risk of falling for people who need them, as they have a deep desire to feel needed, which may or may not show up as a real martyr complex. Having your Eros in Pisces means that you like to play the savior role in your intimate relationships, so if someone is in need of saving in any way, you’ll fall fast and hard for them.

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