Two women hold up Easter eggs and plan Easter games for kids and adults.
Play These Easter Games From TikTok For An Eggceptional Time With Your BFFs

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When you were a kid, the most exciting thing about Easter was the Easter egg hunt. What a thrill it was to find colorful eggs around the backyard or hidden in your home that were sometimes filled with candy and money. While some people may think Easter egg hunts are just for kids, there are adult Easter egg hunt ideas and other fun Easter games you can still play with your besties and roommates this year.

Aside from eating tons of chocolate candy and dyeing eggs with colorful designs, Easter is about spending time with your loved ones. What better way to enjoy your Sunday together than with some Easter games? Since the weather outside may finally be warm enough for you to enjoy some sunshine in the backyard, take this opportunity to plan an Easter egg game or two. You could even plan an Easter Olympics with different Easter games for adults, and the prize for the winner could be an Easter basket stuffed with tons of delicious goodies.

The first step in making these Easter festivities happen is to pick out a few Easter games you want to play. You may have a few ideas of your own, but if you need some inspiration, here are 10 Easter egg hunt ideas and other Easter games for adults from TikTok you can put together. No matter what you do on the big day, you and your crew will have an egg-cellent time just being together.


Jelly Bean Sorting Game


For some delicious fun, try this jelly bean sorting game from TikToker @realkarencontent. All you need to do is give every player a bag of jelly beans and have them sort their beans by color. The first player to sort all their jelly beans wins.


Easter Egg Toss

Played “just like a water balloon toss,” as TikToker @playpartyplan explains, this Easter egg toss game is perfect for playing in your backyard. Just fill some plastic eggs with flour, then get into teams of two.

Have the teams toss their eggs back and forth, trying not to break the eggs in the process. If you do happen to break your egg, you’ll be covered in flour and out of the game.


Blindfolded Easter Egg Hunt Idea

Instead of a traditional Easter egg hunt, your family can try this blindfolded Easter egg hunt. For this idea, you’ll want to split into teams of two and have one person be the guide while the other wears the blindfold. With colorful Easter eggs laid out in the yard, have the guide navigate the blindfolded team member around the yard to find the most Easter eggs.


Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

If you want to put together an adult Easter egg hunt, there are a few different ideas out there. One version is to hide full bottles of wine around the backyard instead of Easter eggs. If you want to still hide some Easter eggs filled with treats you can, but TikToker @abbybailiff also included some mini bottles of liquor as well for their Easter egg hunt.


Easter Egg Pong

This is like an Easter version of beer pong, but for Easter egg pong, you’re trying to bounce ping pong balls into an egg carton at the end of the table. TikToker @chaldomom played a version of this game with various prizes depending on which hole in the carton you get your ping pong ball in.


Easter Egg Attack Game


This Easter egg attack game requires some balancing work. According to TikToker @playpartyplan, each person will have a plastic easter egg on their head that they’re trying to keep up as other contestants are throwing more plastic eggs at them to knock it off. The last player remaining wins.


Easter Egg Roulette

This one can get kind of messy, so you may want to play it outside. For Easter egg roulette, have each person smash an egg on their head. Some eggs are raw and some are hard boiled. The losers will get one of the raw eggs.

If you want, set up your Easter egg roulette like TikToker @izzyandmarysdad with a cup, some string, and plates. Each contestant will pull a string attached to one of the plates with an egg on it from the cup. This determines which egg they’ll be smashing on their head.


Easter Egg Rummy Game

TikToker @playpartyplan also has this fun Easter egg game idea that’s kind of like the card game rummy, except with jelly beans. Each person will start with four jelly beans and try to find a matching set of three.

With each round, you’ll pass one jelly bean to the left as you’re trying to match the jelly beans in your hands. Once you have a matching set of three, you set it out in front of you. The player to get three sets of three matching jelly beans first wins.


Easter Egg Roll Game

This Easter egg roll game is super easy to play. All you need is some plastic eggs in two different sizes. The bigger egg will be placed at the end of a table with tape, while each contestant takes the smaller plastic eggs and tries to roll them down the table to land in the larger egg at the end.

If you want to up the stakes of your game, you can make it so each egg that lands in the larger egg at the end of the table wins you a cash prize, like TikToker @ourfamilyadventuretiktok.


Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Looking for another twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt? You can plan an Easter egg scavenger hunt like TikToker @missvictoriaclark. This definitely makes the egg hunt more difficult, but also more fun. One person just needs to place hints around the house in plastic Easter eggs that lead to the grand prize — an Easter basket filled with goodies.