A woman sketches while on a picnic, which is one of the Earth Day activities on TikTok.
12 Earth Day Activity Ideas On TikTok That’ll Make Mother Nature Proud

Upcycling has never been more fun.

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Earth Day may not be one of those holidays where you get tons of presents, but when you think about it, the planet is a gift that you want to take care of. While trying to be eco-friendly is a year-round thing, there are some ideas for Earth Day activities on TikTok to really help you celebrate the day on April 22. Whether you decide to cook a plant-based meal for your roomies or work on some recycled home decor, you can plan a super fun Earth Day that’ll make you and Mother Nature feel better.

TikTok is great for finding inspiration for just about anything, including Earth Day activities. While you could always scroll through your FYP for your own ideas, these 12 Earth Day activities are some of the best. Depending on how you’d like to honor the Earth, there are a variety of ideas to choose from.

For instance, if you’re feeling crafty, get your DIY on by upcycling some things in your home or break out the paint for an Earth-inspired art piece you can hang up on your wall. There’s also fresh ideas for an Earth Day dinner party that you can plan with your besties as well. Of course, Earth Day is also the perfect excuse to spend time in nature, and there are some ideas here for how you can do that. Just find the Earth Day activity that’s calling you, and celebrate the planet with all your heart.


Get Crafty With Your Old Phone Cases

TikToker @averycyrus has a fun idea for a recycled DIY project for Earth Day. If you have a few old phone cases, make a purse out of them with some string. Of course, you can also use your old phone cases for other projects or find other items in your room that’ll make a cute purse as well.


Get Outside And Explore


TikToker @camibartel actually has quite a few unique ways to celebrate Earth Day, but one of the simplest ideas is to just get out in nature. Go for a walk with your besties or plan a fun hike to watch the sunset with your partner. You could even plan a picnic day with your entire squad where you’ll be outside, getting some fresh air, and not using tons of electricity.


DIY Some Earth Crayons

This DIY idea from TikToker @enzasbargains can be fun to do with your niece, nephew, or the kids you babysit for, but it’s also just a fun way to reuse some old crayons. To make a planet Earth crayon, all you need to do is melt some old blue, white, and green crayons together in a greased muffin tin. Your finished product can be put on display for some eco-friendly home decor or used to color cute paintings for your BFFs.


Shaving Cream Earth Art Project

Another fun DIY project you can do is this Earth art from TikToker @emerald_outlaw. All you need to do is take some food coloring and mix it into some shaving cream. Place a round piece of paper on top and wipe off the shaving cream to reveal your Earth Day art. The design is super pretty and perfect for some homemade art for your bedroom wall.


Earth Day Party Decor Ideas


While these Earth Day party ideas from TikToker @ellenkkneal are for an Earth Day-themed wedding, you can definitely use them for just a dinner party with your roomies. Use some succulents for a centerpiece of your Earth Day tablescape and have reusable straws for everyone. You can also make place cards for everyone at the table using fallen leaves from your backyard.


Make It A Tradition To Plant A Tree

One of the more common ways to celebrate Earth Day is to plant a tree in your backyard. This fun tradition that TikToker @bootsandbuckets does is not only good for the planet, but also gets you outside and enjoying Mother Nature. If you do this every year, you can start to see the progress as your different trees grow.


Upcycle Your Old Skincare Products

Glow Recipe actually has some cute Earth Day activity ideas, and they’re all upcycle DIY projects. For example, you can use your old Glow Recipe product jars to make storage jars for items like cotton swabs and hair pins. You can also use some of your bottles as cute vases for flowers.


Make Some Healthy Earth Day Cookies

If you like to bake, you may want to celebrate Earth Day by making some Earth Day cookies. This recipe from @bearenger is plant-based and healthy. Also, since you’re using matcha and blue spirulina to make colors in the dough, your cookies will come out looking like little Earths.


Plan An Earth Day Scavenger Hunt


Something active you can do is plan an Earth Day scavenger hunt. TikToker @weathernetwork’s includes activities like “find a light switch you can turn off” and “find something that is green.” These are all great ways to not only do something good for the planet, but also get you outside and in the fresh air.


Dress Up For An Earth Day Dinner

If you’re planning on having a party with your besties, you might as well dress up like TikToker @lifeintreehouse. Make it an Earth Day costume party and snap tons of pics for the ‘Gram.


Upcycle Your Old Plastic Bags

TikToker @juulian.c has a fun idea for reusing your old plastic bags. You can melt them together to make a plastic “fabric” that can be used to DIY a bag or even a wallet.


Reuse Your Own Candle Jars

Instead of throwing out any old candle jars, you can reuse them as adorable glass jars for storage. TikToker @glowasyougoblog shows you how to get the old wax out of your jars so you can use them as bathroom storage or even cute planters for some new blooms.