Emily from 'Emily in Paris' sits in a car for Season 2, which has a Duolingo promotion this season.

Learn French For Free With This Promo Just In Time For Emily In Paris Season 2

There’s just one catch.

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Season 2 of Emily in Paris is here! It’s finally time to see where the love triangle between Gabriel and Camille is going and what new clients Emily will be assigned at Savoir. While Emily (played by Lily Collins) had her fair share of drama in Season 1, a lot of it could have been easily solved if she had just learned the French language before traveling overseas. Luckily, if your name is Emily, you don’t need to make the same faux pas she does, thanks to the Duolingo Emily in Paris free month promotion.

Starting on Dec. 22, which also happens to coincide with the premiere of Season 2 on Netflix, Duolingo users named Emily can receive a free month of the company’s premium membership, Duolingo Plus. This is to encourage users to learn French, which is something Emily did not do in Season 1 before moving to Paris. While she eventually started lessons, it was too late to start off on the right foot with her coworkers and she spent most of the first season trying to win them over. You don’t want the same fate if you’re planning a big trip to Paris in 2022 or 2023. That would be très ringard, so any Emily out there will definitely want to take advantage of this Duolingo Emily in Paris promotion for a free month of French classes.

It seems the real-life Emilys in Paris weren’t too happy with how their namesake was portrayed in Season 1 of the show, and Duolingo decided to do something about it. While her many mistakes throughout the series were used for comedic purposes, they could also come off as culturally insensitive. You don’t want to make the same mistakes the next time you’re in the City of Light. You’d rather properly order your chocolate croissant and bouquet of pink roses without any side-eyes and annoyed glances. Knowing how to flirt in French will also help when you run into someone cute, like Gabriel, at a restaurant or on the street. You also won’t get lost so easily as Emily does, especially if you don’t have a Mindy there to help you out.

This is why you should not hesitate to sign up for the Emily in Paris Duolingo promotion. After all, it will only be available for the first 48 hours after Season 2 drops on Netflix. While it may just be for anyone named Emily, Duolingo will accept other pronunciations of the name as well. For example, anyone named Amelie, Emilie, or even Milly will have a chance to learn the language of love.


If your name is Emily and you’re already using Duolingo to learn new languages, you’ll also be eligible for the promotion. Just look out for an in-app message and invite to try their French course, which is “one of the most effective to date” and includes four semesters of a university-level French language class that you can finish in half the time. So, you’ll be ready to visit some of the Emily in Paris filming locations and navigate the city with ease in no time.

Keep in mind that you only have 48 hours to take advantage of the Duolingo Emily in Paris promotion when it launches on Dec. 22, so you’ll want to act quickly. Even if you don’t have plans to travel to Paris anytime soon, the start of a new year is a great time to learn a new language. If anything, it’ll make watching (and rewatching) Season 2 of Emily in Paris on Netflix easier knowing what everyone is saying.

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