These Disney-themed Airbnbs in Anaheim, Orlando, and Kissimmee are so immersive.
These Disney-Themed Airbnbs Are The Ultimate Immersive Stay

These are the most magical Airbnbs around.

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Nowadays, it's not just about the location of your Airbnb. When you're looking for that perfect home away from home for your next adventure, you want something that'll add character to the story just as much as the destination. Of course, you could opt for a unique rental like a yurt in the woods or vintage airstream in the desert, but if you're looking for the most magical stay yet, you'll want to consider these Disney-themed Airbnbs.

These 15 Disney-inspired homes are almost as magical as visiting the theme park itself. But, considering most of these Airbnbs are located near Walt Disney World in Florida, this is the perfect excuse to finally visit Magic Kingdom. So get your Disney-loving crew together and plan a trip to Florida ASAP.

You won't regret feeling nostalgic with your besties. During the day you can visit the parks, enjoy every Mickey-shaped snack you can find, and visit the mountains: Space, Splash, and Big Thunder. After a fun day, you can head back home to a Disney-inspired rental that's worthy of an Instagram photo shoot. No matter where your Airbnb is located, a movie night with your crew is a must. Break out the popcorn and watch your favorite Disney movies just like the good old days.

Every Room In This Home Is Decorated To The Disney Extreme

Every room in this four-bedroom Disney-themed Airbnb in Orlando has a different source of inspiration. You can fight over who has dibs on the Haunted Mansion-themed room with its Madame Leota chandelier. The Wonderland suite is a good second choice because it has such cute details — like the doorknob from Alice In Wonderland.

This Minnie Mouse-Designed Room Is Just Too Sweet

This six-bedroom Disney-themed Airbnb in Kissimmee is perfect for a big squad or your entire family. There's one room that looks just like Andy's from Toy Story with the cloud wallpaper and all, but how adorable is the Minnie Mouse room? The pink walls and elegant headboard are super chic and classy.

This Mansion Has Its Own Movie Theater So You Can Stream All The Classics

This Disney mansion in Kissimmee is basically like staying at your very own theme park. There's an Avengers-themed room, a home gym with a sauna, a private pool, unique Disney decor throughout, and so much more. However, the biggest draw to the place is quite possibly the Mickey home theater. With beds to relax on and recliner seats, you could stay there all day watching every single Disney movie.

This Massive Disney Home Is Perfect For Your Whole Squad

This seven-bedroom home in Kissimmee is perfect for your entire squad. Every bedroom is themed differently, from Frozen to Aladdin. Even the kitchen is super sweet, giving off Mickey 1950s diner vibes. The best part is this home is really close to Disney World, so you can eat breakfast here and then have lunch at my favorite Disney restaurant: ‘50s Prime Time Café.

You'll Have The Most Regal Stay At This Disney-Themed Airbnb

If you've always dreamed of sleeping like a princess or within a Star Wars spaceship, you're in luck. This eight-bedroom Disney-themed Airbnb in Kissimmee has rooms just for you. There's even a room with life-size Ewoks in it. If you're down for mixing fandoms, there's also a Harry Potter-themed home theater with floating candles and a Dobby hanging out in the corner.

You Won't Want To Leave This Villa With A Star Wars Home Theater

This six-bedroom villa in Kissimmee has a Star Wars home theater for you to catch up on all the films before visiting Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios. A home theater to come back to after a day at the park is crucial.

This Airbnb Has Cinderella's Carriage

Hopefully this carriage doesn't turn into a pumpkin at midnight. You can actually chill in Cinderella's carriage if you go with this Disney-themed Airbnb in Kissimmee. Just imagine the Instagram snaps you can take in this room. There's also a gorgeous pool and Star Wars game room for more 'Gram-worthy fun.

Follow The White Rabbit To This Disney Airbnb In England

If you're looking for chic and whimsy Disney charm in your Airbnb, you might want to check out this Alice in Wonderland townhouse in England. Every room has a beautiful and subtle Wonderland theme. Instead of falling down a rabbit hole like Alice, you just have to get your passport ready for this Wonderland retreat.

This Apartment Near Disneyland Has Mickeys Everywhere

This three-bedroom apartment in Anaheim has Mickeys everywhere. You can snap some super cute selfies in the Mickey-shaped mirrors while you're getting ready. After finding every Mickey in your rental, head to Disneyland (which is nearby) to find the big cheese himself.

This Condo Is Perfect For Your Own Mickey Mouse Club

In the iconic words of Walt Disney, "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse." That's Mickey Mouse, of course, and how could you forget in a Mickey-themed apartment like this one-bedroom condo in Kissimmee? Invite your own Mickey Mouse Club for a weekend getaway here.

This Home Is Walking Distance to Walt Disney World And Has A Waffle Bar

Located just minutes from Walt Disney World, you can find this magical oasis that sleeps up to 16 guests. Each room has a different Disney theme, and there’s even a waffle bar in the kitchen. The kiddos are bound to love this place as they are immersed into an imaginary world.

This Mansion Is A Disney Lover’s Dream

You’ll honestly feel like you’ve been transported inside a Disney movie at this Disney-themed Airbnb. Located in Kissimmee, this home has been designed and detailed by a team of artists. Choose between eight different bedrooms, with themes featuring Toy Story and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Plus, say hello to Alfredo Linguini and Remy when you’re in the kitchen.

This California Airbnb Has A Great Backyard

If you prefer Disneyland over Disney World, this Airbnb with a rock-slide pool is for you. It’s located minutes from the park and it has themed-Disney rooms and Disney costumes for the little ones. The large backyard is great for entertaining the whole family, and taking a day off from the park, if needed.

This Haunted Mansion Airbnb Transforms Into A Ghostly Retreat

While it’s already decked out like the Haunted Mansion, this California Airbnb transforms into what feels like the real Haunted Mansion during certain months of the year with ghostly illusions. This dark and spooky home includes special effects that really make it stand out from other stays.

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