Disney Halloween mugs you can buy last-minute in 2021 include some 'Hocus Pocus' offerings.
10 Disney Halloween Mugs To Buy Last Minute For All Your Spooky Sips

Get ‘em before they vanish into the night.

by Andrea Hannah

The spookiest time of the year is upon us, and with the arrival of fall leaves and frights comes all the merch. If you’re a Disney fan, the merch possibilities are truly excellent this year, including the selection of spooky and not-so-spooky Disney 2021 Halloween mugs. While the spookiest night of the year is just around the corner, it’s not too late to get your hands on one of these boo-tiful ceramic mugs.

Disney is known for putting a lighter spin on the oftentimes creepy aesthetics of this holiday, so it’s not surprising they did the same for their 2021 Halloween mugs, which pay homage to characters like Binx from Hocus Pocus and Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you’re into scary cute, not creepy, check out the mugs shaped like jack-o-lanterns, complete with Mickey ears and a chipper grin. There are also mugs with your favorite characters, mugs that feature unique shapes, and even color-changing Disney mugs that literally change hues when you pour a warm beverage inside.

If you’re into cute with a side of creepy, there are also plenty of options. Check out the Disney mugs that replicate the poisoned apple Snow White ate, a mug featuring everyone’s favorite ghostly sidekick, Zero, and a jar-shaped mug that replicates the night shade concoction Sally made in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Ready to find your new last-minute mug for spooky season? Hurry up and snag these Disney Halloween mugs before they’re gone.

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This Binx-Shaped Carafe

Everyone’s favorite cat from Hocus Pocus is here to add a bit of Halloween cheer to your day (or night). At over eight inches tall, this Binx carafe has plenty of space to hold your favorite beverages. With a “tail” handle and a perfectly sullen face, you’ll love sipping your tea, coffee, or mulled wine from this Binx-shaped mug.

This Cheerful Jack-O-Lantern Mug

This 22-ounce jack-o-lantern mug is perfect for your morning cup of witch’s brew (or coffee). It features two stacked pumpkins and a “vine” for the handles. Plus, with vibrant colors and a high-gloss finish, this mug is so much fun to sip from while trick-or-treaters come around.

This Hocus Pocus Mug That’s Covered In Stars

Every Hocus Pocus fan needs this Binx latte mug in their life. It can hold 16 ounces of your favorite beverage, and it has a wide angular handle that’s easy to grip. The cursed kitty is featured on one side, while the rest of the tall mug is covered in all things witchy: stars, books, a cauldron, and the iconic Hocus Pocus logo.

This Spooky The Nightmare Before Christmas Mug With Spoon

This spooky mug brings The Nightmare Before Christmas fans back to the scene when Sally pretends to take a sip of the deadly night shade potion. It features Jack Skellington’s face on one side, with Sally and Jack reflected in his eyes, and a sign that says “Deadly Night Shade” on the other side. Plus, the ceramic spoon features tiny holes, making it perfect for stirring thicker beverages.

This Coco Sugar Skull Mug That Changes Colors

Not only is this Coco-themed mug perfect for Halloween, but it gets even spookier when you fill it with a warm beverage. One side features an intricate sugar skull design with fun pops of detail and character drawings straight from the hit movie. It starts off multi-colored, but as it fills up, the skull fades and turns completely white.

This Alice in Wonderland Mug That Has A Disappearing Chesire Cat

As the Cheshire cat says, “We’re all mad here,” and this unique Alice in Wonderland mug will make feel even madder this Halloween. It features a scene from the Mad Hatter’s tea party with Alice and some of her friends. The Chesire cat appears as a silhouette until he magically surfaces when you pour in your favorite hot beverage.

This Not-So-Scary Minnie Mouse Mug

Even if you can’t attend Disney World’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, you can still snag this adorable Minnie Mouse Halloween mug. It features a round bubble-inspired shape and can hold a full cup of coffee. With a high-gloss finish and tons of super cute graphics, this mug is all treats, no tricks.

This Color-Changing Poisoned Apple Mug

Just one bite won’t hurt you... or will it? This poisoned apple mug replicates the deadly apple that the disguised Evil Queen gave to Snow White. The black “poison” dripping down the sides to create the illusion of a skull, and when you pour in a warm beverage, the “poison” turns a brilliant green.

This Ghostly Zero Mug

This ghostly mug features everyone’s favorite spooky sidekick, the dog Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It features a chipper Zero on one side, jack-o-lantern nose and all, and his tail sweeps around to create a handle. Zero’s gravestone is on the other side, and the mug’s high gloss finish shows off all the details.

This Jack Skellington Soup Mug With Spoon

While this Jack Skellington soup mug is technically for kids, there’s no reason why any Disney Halloween fan can’t sip from it. The mug features a wide mouth design and comes with a ceramic spoon so you can scoop or slurp right from the cup. Both sides feature images of Jack as well as his spider friends.