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If You’re 1 Of These Signs, There’s So Much Drama In The Forecast This Week

Honestly, the astro weather needs to calm down.

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With just a few weeks left of 2021, you may feel eager to get to the end of this year so you can start focusing on the next one. However, so many twists and turns are heading your way, so don’t be surprised if there’s still more drama on your radar. The month of December is smoldering with intense astrology, and this week, you may start to feel the tension rising. And if you were born with your sun or rising sign in Taurus, Capricorn, or Pisces, then the week of December 6, 2021 might be much more stressful than you were hoping for.

As this week begins, you might find it harder to stay focused on the task at hand as your imagination drifts into outer space. When intellectual Mercury squares off with disorienting Neptune on Dec. 7, you may feel like thinking straight is much more difficult than usual. When your imagination is this active, it’s easy to convince yourself that something is worse (or better) than it really is, so concentrate on the evidence rather than conjecture.

Your relationships may become even more complicated to navigate by Dec. 11. This is when romantic Venus will join forces with domineering Pluto, which could cause the power imbalances in your relationships to become more apparent. If it feels like you and your partner are competing against each other rather than harmonizing with each other, it may be time to focus on reconnecting. As the sun squares off with sensitive Neptune on Dec. 12, it may feel like your insecurities are flaring up like a bad rash. Let it point you to where your emotions lie so you can have the opportunity to heal them.

Here’s what the following zodiac signs can expect:

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Taurus: You May Feel A Bit Disconnected From The Social Scene

This week, you may feel overwhelmed by intense social situations, especially if you’re surrounded by people you don’t particularly trust. However, it’s also important to remember that the judgments you may be making toward others may not be entirely true. There’s so much more to the story and no possible way of knowing what the people around you are really thinking. Give yourself all the time you need before allowing yourself to trust. Keep your boundaries firm and protect your energy.

Capricorn: You Might Be Struggling To Overcome Your Fears

You may be feeling the weight of so many negative emotions this week. Conflicts from your past may come back. Insecurities you’ve been working hard to overcome may return with a vengeance. All of it may cause you to feel like lashing out. If it feels like you’re slipping backward, don’t be too hard on yourself. Growth comes in waves and it’s never a straight line. And remember, it’s not about controlling your feelings but learning how to control your reactions.

Pisces: You May Have A Harder Time Getting Focused

If it feels like your head is up in the clouds this week, it’s no wonder. With so many new responsibilities and career opportunities coming your way, you want to be on your A game, and yet, you keep feeling distracted. Try not to expect yourself to perform on command. You’re not a machine, and even if you were, don’t forget that a computer crashes every now and then. There may be a powerful reason you’re feeling so disconnected, so why not explore the places your imagination is taking you? It might lead you toward a major discovery.