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The December Full Moon Will Give You The Answers You’ve Been Searching For

Find the missing piece of the puzzle.

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The full moon is a mysterious and highly volatile lunar event. And that’s not just coming from astrologers, because the galvanizing energy of a full moon has been recognized since time immemorial. It doesn’t take an expert on the cosmos to know that things tend to go a bit haywire when the moon is bulging through the night sky, reveling in her signature white glow. While many have debated over the source of the full moon’s magic, astrology does provide an explanation. Astrology will also tell you everything you need to know about the spiritual meaning of the December 2021 full moon in Gemini, so start taking notes.

In astrology, the moon is directly intertwined with your emotional side. This celestial body rules over your internal world, influencing your dreams, your subconscious mind, and your secrets. After all, the moon thrives in the night, where secrecy reigns. The sun, on the other hand, governs your ego and your overall character. It rules the part of yourself that you’re aware of and conscious of; the part of yourself that everyone sees in the daylight.

During a full moon, the moon and the sun form an exact opposition, threatening to disturb each other’s piece. As the sun infiltrates your internal world, it pulls you out of your fantasies and forces you to accept reality. As the moon infiltrates your external world, it brings your emotions to the surface and forces you to become aware of the feelings you’ve been holding inside. The result often leaves you with a new perspective that propels you toward change.

Every full moon has a unique affect on the cosmos and an even more unique impact on you. Here’s what you should know about the upcoming full moon:

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The Full Moon In Gemini Takes Place On Dec. 18 At 11:35 p.m. ET

You might think that because this full moon takes place in Gemini that it will be brimming with drama and chaos. While Gemini can certainly be a trouble-maker, this full moon is tapping into the energizing and exhilarating side of this mutable air sign. Gemini is sprightly, clever, intelligent, and deeply curious. All Gemini wants to do is learn new things and dig deeper into the truth, which is why its known for making you feel more social, intellectual, and open-minded.

During this upcoming full moon, you may feel prone to sudden bursts of inspiration and epiphanies. As this full moon forms a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius — planet of expansion and wisdom — it will only augment the brainstorming you’re already doing. This full moon is a powerful time to talk to fascinating people, jot down your thoughts, and study topics that interest you. It may feel like electrical currents are rushing through your brain, and without an outlet to express this energy, it could leave you feeling nervous.

However, this full moon may also coincide with some heartache. You’re feeling the mounting pressure of Venus retrograde, which will officially begin on Dec. 19. Venus is the planet of love and friendship, and this retrograde could bring tensions in your relationships to a head. Venus will also be approaching a conjunction with Pluto — planet of creation and destruction — which increases the drama and turns things up a notch. Pluto can be quite decisive and direct, because it would much rather rip off the bandage and make a drastic move than compromise. This could bring out everyone’s darker side, so proceed with caution.

While the full moon in Gemini could intensify some of these issues, it also provides you with the perfect opportunity to hash things out and discuss your feelings with someone. Choosing your words carefully and leading with empathy will go a long way.

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