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Daemon Targaryen quotes from "House Of Dragons" for Instagram captions.

Daemon Targaryen Quotes From House Of The Dragon To Use As Instagram Captions

The blood of the dragon runs thick for this “rogue prince.”

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Since House Of The Dragon, the Game Of Thrones prequel series, dropped on HBO on Aug. 21, fans of the OG show have gotten to know know some new members of the Targaryen family. Like the original show, it’s based on A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R. R. Martin, and is expanding the franchise. It follows the Targaryen family about 200 years prior to Game Of Thrones, as tensions over house power materialize. Prince Daemon Targaryen, brilliantly played by Matt Smith, grapples with family loyalty and his desire for the Westeros thrown. If you’re excited to escape into the world of House Of The Dragons, check out these Daemon Targaryen quotes from the season so far that you can use as Instagram captions.

If you’ve missed the Game Of Thrones universe since it concluded back in 2019, now you can fall back into the same landscapes and family names to discover the origin story of the iconic series. As the season unfolds, you’ll have to watch to see whether Daemon Targaryen gets the crown, but in the meantime, you can get into the spirit of the fantasy drama. You can use any of these Daemon Targaryen sayings as captions for fall photos you snap in the woods or cozied up watching the show on your couch. You could even put together an intricate Daemon Targaryen Halloween costume and dress your dog or cat up like a real-life fire-breathing dragon. Check back here for Daemon Targaryen quotes from House Of The Dragon episodes to use as Instagram captions this fall.

  1. “Dreams didn’t make us kings. Dragons did.”
  2. “The gods give just as the gods take away.”
  3. ‘The blood of the dragon runs thick.”
  4. "We must all mourn in our own way, Your Grace."
  5. “Gods. Kings. Fire. And blood.”
  6. “It is no easy thing for a man to be a dragonslayer… But dragons can kill dragons, and have.”
  7. “It is with pleasure that I, Daemon Targaryen, Prince of Dragonstone and rightful heir from the Iron Throne, inform you that I am about to have a second wife, as in the days of ancient Valyria.”
  8. “Our city should be safe for all its people.”
  9. “I will speak of my brother as I wish. You will not.”
  10. “Our love does not know titles and traditions.”
  11. “Ten years you’ve been king, and yet not once have you asked me to be your Hand!”
  12. “Until your mother brings forth a son, you are all cursed with me.”
  13. Beginning tonight, King's Landing will learn to fear the color gold."
  14. “It was never my brother's strongest trait. Being King.”
  15. “This could well be my chair one day.”

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